Steve Powell's Home Page

Welcome to my home page.  I intend to add more information as time goes on, but right now this is what I have.

Installing Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (Lenny) on an IBM ThinkPad 600 model 2645-51U
Implementing the DASD DIAG Driver for Debian GNU/Linux on the S390 Architecture
Creating a Custom Linux Kernel in Debian GNU/Linux
Adding Support for a 3215 Virtual Console to zipl
Modifying GNU parted to support all s390 DASD devices, formats, and drivers
How to Switch to the LILO Boot Loader in Debian GNU/Linux
Altering the TOD Clock on a Live Running z/VM System
Installing Debian GNU/Linux under the Hercules emulator
Using PuTTY with Debian GNU/Linux Systems
How to Use an ASCII Terminal as a Local Terminal and Console in Debian GNU/Linux

The following link --> OPCODES 2.04 <-- can be used to download the OPCODES 2.04 package.  This package provides a MACLIB for use under the CMS operating system which provides macros that allow newer instructions to be used on older assemblers which do not support those instructions.  In particular, it was designed to augment the capabilities of Assembler XF (the ASSEMBLE command), which ships with z/VM.  However, it is also useful with newer assemblers.  This download file is in VMARC format.  Transfer this file to a CMS system in binary, using fixed-length, 80-byte records, then use VMARC to unpack the archive.  If you don't have VMARC already, see the VM download page.  (The OPCODES package linked on this page is public domain by me.  For licensing terms for the downloads available on the VM download page, see that page.)  Here's another useful link for those running z/VM: Track for z/VM.

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