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Finally, the ice cream makers have come out with a delicious ice cream that we can eat painlessly! Supermarkets are starting to carry the new Breyer’s Lactose-Free Ice Cream. Like the other Breyer’s ice creams, it’s rich and delicious. If you’re watching your fat calories, this is not the way to go! Unfortunately, since it’s a premium brand, it’s pricey. And so far it only comes in vanilla flavor.

However, thanks to an email from Jackie Gephart, I was told it's not completely lactose-free. Turns out it's only 99% lactose free and that 1% could cause problems for some of you.

Jackie also told me that Lactaid makes a lactose free ice cream called Scoopfuls. I haven't found it in a store yet and I haven't tried it, but their website has a page where you can request it. And not only is it supposed to be totally lactose free, it comes in five flavors! If any of you try it, let me know what you think of it.

I also got an email from Jill Loya who writes:

Did you know that goats milk ice cream is lactose free as well. There is Laloo's goat milk ice cream that is carried at Whole Foods. There is also a yogurt place in Chicago called Berry Chill that is lactose free. Hope that helps.

Thanks for all the emails. I'm thrilled to pass the info on to the rest of us lactose intolerants.

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