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Red Pelican mustard may be coming back!!!

Updated March 18, 2004

JGOLF e-mailed me that Red Pelican was mentioned in the Detroit News. I found the article online and am sharing the link with you. I want to thank all of you who are e-mailing me with these updates to share.

Updated February 18, 2004

Ever since I posted about the demise of Red Pelican mustard, I have been receiving lots of e-mails from many of you. Some ask if any stores still carried their mustard. A few asked if I had a contact at Red Pelican so that perhaps they could take over the product. Others asked if I knew of any good substitute for Red Pelican hot mustard. And many asked if Red Pelican was coming back. I have some answers for all of you.

First, the only source I currently know for Red Pelican products is at Pure Detroit. Melissa of Pure Detroit was kind enough to e-mail me this:

Shawn, one of the Pure Detroit owners, talked with the owner of Red Pelican just a few days before Christmas this year. We bought the last cases of Red Pelican mustards... for now... the owner of Red Pelican told Shawn that they are able to produce the mustard and that they don't have any production problems.... it is distribution problems... they don't have a penetration in the market that makes production viable. He said if something changes with distribution, pentration, and demand - then production could start again.

So, we do have some jars left of regular and Henry's Best... they are at our stores and I believe we are only allowing 3 per customer so someone doesn't buy up the whole lot - if there is any left at this point - we sold tons over the holiday season.

Pure Detroit Downton - 156 West Congress, Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 961-8320 open Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Pure Detroit Fisher Building - 3011 West Grand Blvd, Suite 101, Detroit MI 48202 (313) 873-7873 open 7 days a week - Monday - Saturday 10am-7pm and Sundays 12-7pm

Thanks, Melissa! And thanks also, Doug Cooke, for also telling me about Pure Detroit. Pure Detroit has a website where you can buy their products.

And now the best news of all, sent to me by Debbie & Frances Veda. They write:

My Mom spoke to the owner of Red Pelican mustard, and he said that they will start up the company again, this year. They will have another company make it for them.

That has made my day! Thank you so much, Debbie and Frances. I personally have no contact at Red Pelican and wasn't able to get a call through there for any information when I tried. I haven't found a substitute as good as Red Pelican and I can't wait until it gets into the stores — and my hands — again!

I apologize for not posting this sooner. I've had some computer problems recently and haven't been able to access my files and e-mails for a little bit. I'll try to respond to anyone who's written to me soon. If I haven't, I thank you for your e-mails. please keep those e-mails coming with any more news and I'll post it here. I'll credit you with the information unless you tell me in your e-mail that you would rather remain anonymous.

In the meantime, Red Pelican, please hurry with your product. There's many fans of your mustard waiting to use it.


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