Privateer Press Alexia Ciannor:

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 Painted as a commission piece for a client, this one was done with specific instructions as to preferred color scheme, accent colors, hair color, etc. Aside from a few problems during the process primarily during prepping the figure, and an outright slip during painting that left a big red streak across the right cheek of her face that had to be repainted over completely, this one was fairly enjoyable to paint. I can honestly say I'm happy with the finished result, although ideally I would've liked to have included some freehand on the back of the longcoat - I just plain ran out of time as it was to a fairly short and strict deadline... the figure was to be painted as part of a multiple-commission arrangement amongst several painters besides myself from the Relicnews Painting & Modeling Forum.

 The intended scheme for the figure was for her to have a Victorian or "gothic" look, with dark hair and colored streaks, pale skin, a deep red/purple longcoat, silver metallics, and a pink accent somewhere if possible. I tried a new recipe of sorts on the dark leathers, working with increasing shading from a greenish-grey basecoat. The cream colored corset/bodice was something I envisioned as complementing the vibrant reds and purples of the rest of the figure - it's various colors of off-white and khaki, with deep shading of an olive green. I settled on purple shading for the weapon and metallic pieces, working upwards with silver metallic shades from the dark basecoat, with subsequent glazes to even things out. Last but not least, the rose on the decorative base was painted in the style of a "Sterling" rose, which has white petals edged in a strong pinkish-red.

Alexia Ciannor (front)

Alexia Ciannor (back)

Alexia Ciannor (decorative base)

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