Games Workshop Vior'la Tau:

 This is the first figure in my Tau Vior'la Sept Combat Patrol. In Games Workshop narrative, the Vior'la Sept is "fiery tempered" and are seasoned warriors. I decided to try a new and different color scheme to represent their "fiery" nature. He (and the rest of his squad) is painted to "tabletop" standard, and my aim was for a relatively quick and easy to duplicate scheme. I also wanted the end result to be representative of "fire" or "magma", and after a false start color-wise, finally settled on this scheme, which I mostly worked out as I went along.

Tau Fire Warrior (front)Tau fire Warrior (back)

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 Here are two Fire Warriors and a Gun Drone painted to my Vior'la scheme:

Tau Vior'la Unit (front)

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Tau Vior'la Unit (top)

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 Here are two Gun Drones painted to a "revised" Vior'la scheme:

Tau Vior'la Gun Drones (front)

Tau Vior'la Gun Drones (top)

 Here is a group photo of the Vior'la Tau Combat Patrol painted thus far:

Tau Vior'la Combat Patrol small group photo

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 Here is a full squad, albeit a smallish squad, of finished Fire Warriors:

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