Games Workshop Storm Dragons Custom Chapter Librarian Istaarn:

 Painted as a commission piece for a client's custom Space Marine Chapter, the Storm Dragons, this figure represents Librarian Istaarn. The unpainted figure was provided pretty much as-is, with only a little to do in the way of prep work. I was given instructions on the color scheme, in that the main colors of the army are a mid-range red with gold trim, black as a secondary color, and gunmetal color weaponry. As for the force axe, ideally the blade was to be silver or gunmetal and the ornamentation gold. Per GW "fluff", the color Librarians represent themselves with on the armor is blue - once I decided on the current semi-quartered scheme here, everything else just seemed to flow. The client was agreeable to a green force axe blade, and I think the use of the three primary colors on the figure didn't end up overpowering. The banner (and any insignia) were to be done on the client's end.

 The base was requested in an "ash waste" scheme, which I'd not done before, and the minimal weathering on Istaarn's lower half was tricky in that the light grey color I used showed up fine on the blue armor but required some additional black and brown washes on the loincloth to look more natural.

Custom Chapter Librarian (front)
Custom Chapter Librarian (left)
Custom Chapter Librarian (right)
Custom Chapter Librarian (back)
Custom Chapter Librarian (top)
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