Games Workshop "Cleaved" Night Goblin:

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 In testing a recipe for Games Workshop's "The Cleaved" Chaos renegade warband color scheme, I decided to try it on one of the free miniatures that came with a White Dwarf issue some time back - I already had the figure primed but hadn't done anything with it.

The upper layers of clothing, the spear staff and edge of the shield, and the metal on the spearhead represent the color scheme test for The Cleaved (stained armor, bone, and weapon metallics, respectively). The remainder of the figure I painted in the colors of my own Chaos warband to see how well they would fit, aside from the specifically WFB Night Goblin-esque touches like the crescent moon icon on the shield and the skin color.

This is my first attempt at painting Ork/Goblin skin and I based it off a recipe I've had on a sticky note at my painting desk for the better part of half a year - don't know where I got it from, but it sounded interesting. The final skin color has an olive tone to it, which I think is a change from the usual bright green shade of most GW Orks and Goblins.

The Cleaved Night Goblin (front)

The Cleaved Night Goblin (back)

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