Games Workshop Chaos Sorceror:

 This GW figure dates back to around 1992 and was originally released as a "generic" Warhammer Chaos Sorceror - he'd been sitting in a drawer for many, many years before I decided to paint him up properly. He was entered into the 2007 Chicago Golden Demon painting competition and received an Honorable Mention, with a picture of him on his display base subsequently published in US White Dwarf magazine issue #334. I painted him up in the style of a follower of the Chaos God Tzeentch with bright colors and off-colored metallics. All the metal areas on the figure were done using metallic paints and various inks and additives for additional highlights and shading, and the freehand designs on his robes represent my first attempt at ever painting anything in the Non-Metallic Metal style - I figured a Tzeentch Chaos Sorceror could have "liquid metal" designs on his robes and it wouldn't be TOO far out of place. I kept the original hexagonal slottabase that the figure came with and added some swampy-looking ground cover so it would better fit in with the larger display base.

 The display base took some time to get together, and logistically was somewhat difficult. I'd never done any "water effects" on a large scale before this, and started filling in the colored swamp water areas a day or so before I took him to Chicago - even entering him into the Golden Demons, the liquid on the base hadn't fully hardened yet, but he made it out okay without any damage or unintentional fingerprints. The base is covered in wood chips painted and stained to resemble fallen deadwood and the scraggly marsh plants were originally natural hair paintbrush bristles, glued on then primed and painted along with the rest of the base. I applied some extra-thinned acrylic lacquer to the ground cover on the base to have it resemble slightly-damp, muddy ground.

Chaos Sorceror (front)

Chaos Sorceror (back)

Chaos Sorceror (display base)

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