The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Weekend 

During the years between 1987 to 1998, Vernet and Violet made an annual tradition of assisting Mr. Sherlock Holmes in his investigations at the Victorian Villa Inn in Union City, Michigan. The Stinsons have participated in solving a number of intriguing cases. November 13th, 1998, marked Mr. Holmes's final case at the Villa. To commemorate the occasion, the Stinsons presented Mr. Holmes with an official Ribston~Pippins 10th Anniversary tote bag as an expression of their appreciation for his many years of superior detective work.

Mr. Holmes expresses the solemnity of the occasion

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Violet and Vernet honour Mr. Holmes

The Victorian Villa Inn

Sherlock Holmes apprehends the culprit

Note the intense concentration

A tense moment

Pippins in the parlour play Sherlockian trivial pursuit


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