Sherlock Holmes Visits the Library

On July 17, 2007, Ribston-Pippins members, Joyce Hostnik, Sam and Regina Stinson traveled to the Sterling Heights Library (Sterling Heights, MI) to present a program about Sherlock Holmes to children ages 5-12 years, as part of the library's summer reading program, aptly titled: "Get a Clue".

Judy, (librarian), Joyce, Regina and Sam

Judy, (librarian), Joyce, Regina and Sam


Regina explains
Regina shows children Sherlockian artifacts

 Kids learn about Holmes

Regina tells children about Sherlock Holmes

 Infamous Tent Joke

Sam and Regina act out the "Tent Joke", while Joyce narrates

A large crowd

60 children gathered for the event
Receiving their shillings

Regina hands a "shilling" to each child

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