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Is This Debbie Schlussel or Debbie the Shyster?

Is the above picture that of the infamous Arab-hater Debbie Schlussel? But she is dressed in the Muslim clothing known as the hijab. Why is that?

To those who don't know Debbie, she has made herself infamous for her racist and fascist tirades against Arabs, Muslims, and anyone who somehow associates themselves with Arabs and Muslims, including Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm (whom she has labeled as "Governatrix" meaning "dominatrix"). She has condemned many Congressmen, law enforcement officials, and even Senator John Kerry and President George Bush for not hating Arabs and Muslims like she does.

Debbie-Does-Hate has made a reputation for herself, as the hateful opportunist that she is, of bashing other people because of their ethnic background, in any media outlet granted to her. Her specialized hate of Arabs (lets say anti-Semitism since Arabs are Semites) and Muslims, however is unique and vile.

Debbie, who has a column called "Debbie Does Politics" (kind of like "Debbie Does Dallas"), feels it so important to bash Arabs that she actually went and dressed up in hair-covering hijab (Muslim covering) using a false alias "Zainab Salih" to attend an Arab & Muslim dinner function on October 10, 2004, so she can libel more people. Of course she assumed that no one would recognize her. What she didn't bargain for is that due to her flaunting of her hate, Debbie can be picked out in a crowd like a wolf in sheep's clothing. So it wasn't hard to pick out Debbie the Wolf in the crowd and hence the picture above. As usual, afterwards she went into her usual racist and fascist tirades on her media outlets.

The only difference between Debbie and the KKK, is that they wear hoods.

Of course, Debbie claims to be an attorney. Here is a question to all attorneys out there: isn't there some law or code in the Bar Association saying that masquerading under a false identity in public is somehow similar to fraud or unethical?

So the picture above should be proof enough that Debbie the Shyster will go to any lengths to advance her hateful anti-Semitism. The key to shysters like her is exposing the fraud, kind of like shedding light into a darkened room, sending the cockroaches to quickly run off.

Note: this picture was taken at the public town hall meeting for election candidates, by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), held on October 10, 2004. Picture courtesty of CAIR.

Reader Comments:

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From: Jim Larson
Sent: June 13, 2005 3:36 PM
Subject: Schlussel the beast!!!

You are so right about Schlussel. Recently, see called in the Howard Stern show, to attack Jason Alexander (Jewish American actor) for supporting a Arab/Israeli peace group. She insisted he stay out of politics.

Jason and the whole Stern show cast laughed her off the air. The next day dozens of e-mails were read condemming her antics.

Simply: she is a Zionist racist anti-semetic rodent.

From the Detroit News Editorial  
Saturday, August 19, 2006  

Spelling lesson needed
Shameless self-promoter and would-be commentator Debbie Schlussel is now calling Dearborn "Dearbornistan." Schlussel is nothing more than a chubby Ann Coulter, a shrill demagogue who gets in front of the camera only because she's willing to say the most offensive, obnoxious and outlandish things. Ignore this know-nothing nut.
Detroit News Article  


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