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trading rules

I like trading tapes and CD-Rs with other fans and 99% of fans are good traders.
However, I've put together these rules to make sure there is no miscommunication:

General Rules:

  • Everything on my list is FOR TRADE ONLY. I will not sell any of the recordings. I do not trade for blanks. If you don't have a trade list, please review my wants list or my collection page to see if there is something you can trade with me.
  • All terms of the trade must be agreed to in advance by both parties through e-mail.
  • Trades to be completed in a timely manner (no more than 2 weeks time).
  • All U.S. trades must be sent first class mail. All international trades must be sent air maill. Use of Priority Mail can be agreed to in advance.
  • None of the rules can be changed unless agreed to in advance.
  • If you stiff me on a trade, I will post your name, e-mail address and mailing address on my web site to notify others that you're a bad trader -- so don't stiff me!

CDR Trading:

  • All CDRs are to be recorded in Disc-At-Once mode (DAO). Please do not send me discs that have those annoying nano-second gaps in between live tracks.
  • All CDR blanks must be of decent quality. Chances are that if you got a great deal buying 100 blank CDRs for $9.99, there's a reason -- they're of poor quality! The whole idea of transfering items from tape to CDR is to improve the sound quality, so why not spend an extra $20 and get some decent CDR blanks?
  • I prefer CDRs with clear or white tapes as I typically apply labels to them. Please do not write on the CDRs, instead please put the CDR title on a post-it note.
  • All CDRs mailed in the U.S. should be sent without jewel cases. All CDRs mailed internationally should include the jewel cases in order to protect the CDRs from damage.
  • Set lists must be provided.
  • Artwork to be provided either through e-mail or printed in color on heavy stock paper.

Tape Trading:

  • I prefer to trade CDRs. I will only agree to a tape trade if it's something I really, really want.
  • All cassette copies must be on Maxell XLII or equivalent.
  • All cassette tapes must be recorded at real time with Dolby NR off.
  • All cassette tapes must be sent with their cases.
  • Please do not write on the J-card. Please write the set list on a separate piece of paper.
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