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Official Mott the Hoople/Ian Hunter Related Sites
www.ianhunter.com www.morgan-fisher.com Shawn Eisenberg (IH's drummer 86-88)

Places to find Mott the Hoople and Ian Hunter CDs
Alta Mira Yodelin' Pig CVC Collectables

Fan Sites
URL Webmaster What you'll find there...
Jay's Music Trading Pages Jay Sciascia Extensive trade list and lots of photos.
Mott the Hoople and Ian Hunter Adrian Perkins Tour news, lyrics to all MTH and IH songs and a fantastic discography.
Just A Buzz Online Justin Purington Tour news, comprehensive historical archive and an extensive trade list.
Hunter-Mott Mailing List Rory Musil A great place to find up-to-the moment MTH and IH information.
Pleasure Doing Business With You Phil Holbrook Lots of pictures and some interviews with IH's band mates.
ThreeFour Steve Weidemann Fan produced homepage.
The Mott Archive Sven Gusevik Extensive trade list and an archive of MTH, IH and related recordings.
Ian Hunter Rocks Fred & The Hatpeople Fan produced web site from Sweden.
MTH/IH/The Faces Tape Trading List Bill Soloman Fan produced homepage with trading list.
Half Moon Bay Terry Burgess Fan produced web site.

Other Recommended Sites
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Cleveland Browns Official Site Can you hear the dawgs barking?
The King of All Media Web Site One of my favorite web sites to visit each day.
Hill Custom Guitars Fantastic custom guitars made right in Cleveland.
Official FAQs for alt.music.bootlegs Interesting reading for the avid tape trader.

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