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ian's comments on moth poet hotel

I think Morgan has done a great job so I'd like to say "Congratulations" and make some comments. Whenever someone covers my songs my first reaction is to criticise, but actually I am grateful and I take it as a compliment. I'd like Morgan to say a big "Thank You" from me to all of the bands on this tribute album. By the way, you should send it to Mick Ralphs too, I am sure he'd be delighted. I listened to this album in my garden and wrote a little about each song...

1. All The Young Dudes - Moth Poet All Stars

The opening sound effects are typical Morgan Fisher. The first singer sounds like he smokes a lot of French cigarettes! Great harmonies on the chorus. I see you have used the long "I'm a Dude dad!" part from my live version -- great idea! A great mix too.

2. Rock'n'Roll Queen - Easy Walkers

Very authentic -- they've got the same feeling as the original. Sounds like Mott. Good!

3. Honaloochie Boogie - The Yellow Monkey

At first I thought the tempo was too slow. It was the "stop/start" feel of the chords in the verses of the original that made it sound slick. However, it's a good version, I can hear that the band have put a lot of thought into making the extra intro and the middle part. The guitars are faithful to the original and the piano is banging 8's nicely.

4. Ballad Of Mott The Hoople - Heat Wave

These guys know how to play! The singer has great phrasing. Nice bit of organ and piano from Morgan! I like Heat Waves' "1995" album too. Hiroshi Yamaguchi (the singer) sent me a nice message about how my music made him grow up -- I'm glad I could help!

5. All The Way From Memphis - Brian May

Yeah -- Brian sent me this one already. Cozy Powell is on it -- he's a classic English drummer! This is a really good version!

6. I Wish I Was Your Mother - Kazufumi Miyazawa

The original verse of this song was very simple -- that's the way I wanted it. I was a bit surprised by this version. Anyway, I liked the ending.

7. The Golden Age Of Rock'n'Roll - The High-Lows

Very good! The boys singing the intro is better than the saxes of the original. Excellent drummer! Please say hello to him from me. This is a pretty basic song, but with the drums so good it becomes a party song, which is really what it is. A lot of fun!

8. Death May Be Your Santa Claus - Privates

I love the beginning. In fact it's all good. It must have been really difficult to mix. It sounds like there are a lot of instruments on it. There's a lot of energy! The echoes are fun -- sounds like Mick Jones (of The Clash and Big Audio). It's very interesting how Mott affected people in so many ways -- from punk to beauty.

9. Trudi's Song - Psychodelicious

I like this, especially the hooks. They repeated the hooks a bit too much, risked getting too aggressive and losing the original atmosphere of the song, but finally I think they did a good version.

10. Moth Poet Hotel - Morgan Fisher

It sounds like Morgan in the beginning. Oh! -- it is Morgan! The title is a great idea -- why didn't I think of it? Morgan sings a bit like Mick Ronson -- right on!

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