Curriculum Vitae
    January 1, 2000
    Roy Rawsthorne Grundy
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    Naperville, Illinois 60563 USA
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Background Summary:

Retired after thirty-nine years experience in management and marketing with the last twenty-four in full-time teaching, and the preceding fifteen years in industry. While a consultant in industry, taught on a part- time basis both marketing and advertising at the undergraduate and executive level. Taught management and marketing on the undergraduate level at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 1970-1994. Undergraduate BS Industrial Engineering, MBA, and an Ed.D in curriculum and supervision. Have lectured and consulted in ten overseas assignments since retiring five years ago.

Teaching Experience:
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

1970 to 1994. Professor of Marketing at the largest single campus community college in America - 16,000 full-time and 20,000 part-time students.  Taught:  marketing, advertising, sales, international marketing, small business management, business, and management. On various committees. President of the Faculty 1988-89.  President Rossthorne Research & Associates, Marketing Consultants, Naperville, IL. 1975-present.

Overseas Experience:

1999 November, Kaunas, Lithuania. Rotary International provided me with the opportunity to teach Seniors International Marketing-Export at Kaunas University of Technology. Also worked with Rotarians to bring a high school girl over to Naperville
the summer of 2000 on a Rotary student exchange.

1998 December 1-15. Helped lead a group of 35 students, community members, and faculty from North Central College, Naperville, IL.  on an extensive tour of Mexico studying the effects of NAFTA on business in Mexico.

1998 August to September, Yerevan, Armenia. Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA) Madison, WI. asked me to give direction to a group farmers of various crops and commodities, and city based consumers who wanted to set up a Marketing Association. They wanted direction regarding; organizational and administrative issues, size of the organization, determination of product types, frequency of delivery, ordering, storage, and distribution. My recommendation was to NOT set up the Marketing Association as the Directors had two masters: the farmers and the consumers, they were grossly underfunded, and had little experience marketing farmers produce.

1998 April to May, Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA)  Madison, WI. provided me with the opportunity to teach marketing to undergraduate and MBA students at Kazak State National University. The latter is the oldest and probably most prestigious university in Kazakhstan.  Lectured to the faculty on teaching techniques. Traveled  to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to consult on the purchase of a blow molding operation in America by a joint-stock company in Tashkent.
1997 Sept. to Oct.  Siberia, Russia. Through R.E.A.P. (Rural Enterprise Adaptation Program) As a Rotary International Volunteer toured farm areas of Siberia consulting with small businesses and collective farms. Lectured on Marketing, Management, & Small Business Entrepreneurship at the Siberian-American Management University in Irkutsk, and at the East Siberian Technological University in Ulan-Ude.  Also, worked with the Minister of Education in the Buryatia Republic on collaboration in the area of Distance Learning.

1997 March to May.  Zhengzhou, China (P.R.C.). Through a colleague at College of DuPage I arranged this assignment. Taught Intro. to Marketing, Advanced Marketing, and Small & Medium Business Management at Zhengzhou Institute of Technology (Z.I.T.), and Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry. Also had a consulting job to line up a mold maker for a Chicago manufacturer of electronic counting devises. As a Representative of the Mayor of Naperville, I made contact, through the Chinese Consulate in Chicago, with the Chinese city of Beibei to set up a Sister City Program. Visited Tibet University, Lasha, Tibet. In March 1998 I arranged for the Senior Engineer from Z.I.T. to come to the Illinois Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) to consult on Solar Energy for a month.

1996 - February to April. Voronezh, Russian Federation. For the Center for Citizen’s Initiatives, San Francisco, Ca. I was a Small Business Consultant working with Russian clients helping them develop their business plan and visiting their work sites to give on-sight advice. Also, gave ten, three-hour workshops to business people on marketing and advertising for small and medium sized businesses.

1995 - December 1 - 18. Helped lead a group of 35 students, community members, and faculty of North Central College, Naperville, IL. on and extensive Tour of Eastern Europe. Arranged and attended meetings with Advertising and Marketing Research firms in various cities for the students.

1995 - February to April. Koszalin, Poland. Under the auspices of the Citizens Democracy Corps, Inc., Washington D.C. I was a Rotary International Volunteer. I taught Marketing at the Koszalin Institute of Management and Marketing. Also, conducted marketing seminars for sixty business people who were given a certificate of completion.

1994 - September to December. Zhovti Vody, Ukraine.  Under the auspices of the International Executive Service Corps, Stamford, CT. I was a Rotary International Volunteer. Taught Marketing and Advertising at the Strategy Institute for Entreprenuership. Wrote and secured a Grant from the Eurasia Foundation for TV and VCR sets which were shipped by Zenith Corp. to the Institute for their classroom use. Independently secured private funds to help bring the Rector (President) and his assistant to Leeds, England to Park Lane College in July 1995. Collected and brought ½ ton of textbooks to the Institute from America on grant money I secured from US Information Service, Wash. D.C.  Visited Israel for one month.

1992 - September. Leeds, England. Guest lecturer to administrators and trustees at Park Lane College on  "What is a Community College in America- and what can you adopt?"

1990 - September to December. Brisbane, Australia. Visiting Professor of Marketing, Queensland Institute of Technology.  Taught Introduction to Marketing. Gave lectures to the Marketing Faculty.

1989 - October 7- 23. Manila, Philippines. Led a group from Opportunity International, Inc. Oak Brook, Illinois, who was looking at the results of micro-enterprise funding of entrepreneurs in the Manila area.

1988 - June to August. London, England.  Taught small business management to students from five different Illinois community colleges in London for the Illinois Consortium for International Studies.  Set up and supervised internships with British businesses in and around London.

1979 - March to September. Denver, Colorado. Visiting Professor of Marketing, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a Division of Midwest Research Institute under Department of Energy (DOE) contract. Conducted  in-house seminars on marketing and various aspects of commercialization. Also, wrote journal articles and promotional pieces.

1972 - July. Oxford, England.  Visiting Professor of Marketing, Oxford University, St. Catherine's College, under sponsorship of the British Institute of Management.

Computer literate. Office ’97, Desktop Publishing, Web page development:
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Farm Management: Family owns a 160-acre (70-hectare) farm planted to corn and soybeans by tenant farmer in Morrisonville, IL.


BS Industrial Engineering, 1952, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois.
MBA 1965,U of Chicago then Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois.
Ed.D. 1989, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. Dissertation: “Mentoring Business Teachers in Illinois Community Colleges".