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TextScroll & MemoList

Version 1.0

by Timothy Lipetz

TextScroll and MemoList are Waba classes that are useful for building other programs in Waba. See my program, SpellAid, for an example of their use.

I assume you know how to use Waba classes and source code. If you need information about programming in Waba, see


TextScroll is a Waba Control for displaying a list of text. The GUI is typical for such an object. The text is scrollable vertically and is single-selectable.

A key feature is that the entire text content does not have to be known in advance. Another object which implements the TextScrollContent interface supplies the text for the visible rows as needed. This reduces the memory usage and can improve performance.

There are two recommended patterns of use:

  1. Another object (such as your MainWindow) implements the TextScrollContent interface for one or more TextScroll objects. (See TextScrollTest)
  2. Extend TextScroll and have that class implement the TextScrollContent interface for itself. (See MemoList)

Documentation for source code (JavaDocs) for TextScroll and TextScrollContent

Download TextScroll classes, source code, test program, and documentation


MemoList is a Waba control for displaying the names of available memos on the Palm. It is an extension of TextScroll (above). You should download that as well.

This is mostly specific for Palm OS memos. However, it can work with any Catalog that is formatted in a similar way.

Documentation for source code (JavaDocs) for MemoList

Download MemoList classes, source code, test program, and documentation


Last Updated 1/7/01