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Version 1.0

by Timothy Lipetz

SpellAid is a Waba applet for displaying a sorted list of the words in Palm OS memos. It also gives a frequency of occurrence count for each word.

A word is defined as any adjacent set of A-Z, a-z or apostrophes. Yes, I know this is English-centric. If anyone wants to internationalize it, let me know.

Why do I call it SpellAid? For those who remember back to earlier days of computing before spell checkers, a fast and easy way to spell check an entire document was to print out a sorted list of all unique words in it and then visually scan the list for non-words. It actually worked well.

I wrote SpellAid mostly as an exercise in using Waba. Since I had written an earlier version in PocketC, this allow me to compare the languages.

Readme for SpellAid

Documentation for source code (JavaDocs)

Download SpellAid program, source code, and documentation




Last Updated 1/7/01