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Blog has not been maintained, because basically, I don't feel like spending the time on it.

It's  "My New  Computer" time again - I  dumped my previous desktop computer, and built a new one. Maggie's desktop computer (I also built) that is a near mirror to my previous desktop PC. I finally updated the page and changed it to Margaret's Computer. I decided  a ways back to dump the music. I couldn't find any new midi files that I like, plus it takes longer to download with sound. Besides, my real favorite midi file is on Sisko's Page. There are new backgrounds (first optimized for faster loading with Corel Paint Shop Pro XI) and all new logos, which are using a font Margaret found, called "Billboard".  Most of the graphics, including the background, were originally made or edited with Paint Shop Pro 7, and now made and edited with Paint Shop Pro XI. Plug-ins used in Paint Shop Pro are from Axion, Flaming Pear (Blade Pro), and Eye Candy 4000. In Paint Shop Pro XI, I used the built in effects, but have also reinstalled Blade Pro and Eye Candy.

On my Hot List page I've added some links to our shopping page, link here, as well as some interesting Paint Shop Pro tutorials, plus some Internet Connection Sharing links, including Internet Connection Sharing software, security software, and a good link to a web site with some very good instructions for setting up Internet Connection Sharing, including a link to some broadband routers and firew
alls. Also listed are some of my favorite auto related websites.

On the My New Computer pages is the latest configuration, a new Windows Vista computer, and very quiet. A link for pictures was removed - I didn't feel like taking any. Like I said earlier, Maggie's new computer is very similar to my previous desktop. except for the smaller hard drive.

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