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Sisko Agius: December 16, 1995 ~ August 8, 2014



It's with a heavy heart, and an abundance of tears, that I have to report the passing of our best little buddy, Sisko. He died from congestive heart failure, but that's just the medical terminology, because for a little dog, he had the biggest, warmest heart of all.

He was named after Avery Brookes' character, Captain Benjamin Sisko, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So, in my best little buddy's memory, I say "Warp Speed, Sisko, my little buddy. Warp speed over the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again, little buddy."

Rest In Peace, Sisko. You are missed, and you will always be loved.


Puppsy Sisko & His Water Dish.jpg
Sisko & Maggie, 1996, at home in our old house, in Dearborn Hts. Sisko, as a puppy, 1996, back at our house in Dearborn Heights. He was cute, but was goofy looking, until he got groomed.


Puppy Sisko & His Toys.jpg Puppy Sisko & His Squeaky Spider.jpg
Sisko, as a puppy, with his squeaky spider, rag bone, and Nylabone. He loved his toys!! Sisko with his squeaky spider
Sisko, with his Lenny & Maggie, first vet visit - OMG, were we really that young? Sisko, as a puppy, chasing his tail, something he eventually outgrew. And I think he's hamming it up for the camera, too!.
Sisko, all tuckered out after playing! Sisko - Pick Me up, Lenny! I wannya to pick me up!!


sisko2a.jpg (31092 bytes) Sisko Plays2.jpg (72858 bytes)
Sisko enjoying himself in our backyard. A larger version
of this shot was used, for a while, as our desktop image on our computers.
"Come on Lenny!!! Throw the toy!!!"

Sisko In His Bed3.jpg (54536 bytes) Sisko_2.gif (73458 bytes)
Sisko In His Bed With One Of His Favorite Toy!!! Sisko when he was about a year old.
One of our favorite pictures of this little guy.

Sisko in his "throne", playing with his toy Sisko Jumps.GIF
Sisko sitting in his "throne", enjoying his Nylabone!!

He was maybe 4 or 5 years old.

Sisko jumped for his toy!!!

Sisko & Barney.jpg Maggie & Sisko.gif
This is Sisko and his best friend from
our old neighborhood, Barney!
He was a major cuddle
- just ask Margaret!!!!

Lenny & Sisko snoozing (2).jpg (61227 bytes) Sisko on the Picnic Table.jpg (133238 bytes)
Sisko & Lenny napping after a long winter walk.
(Is this a dog or teddy bear?) I will miss this more than anything.
"Hey! I'm on the picnic table, and I still
can't see over the fence!!"




Sisko in our great room, about 8 years old, or so.

"Lenny!! Put down the stupid 

camera and play with me!!"

"This is the kitchen. Where are the snacks?"

"Hi I'm Sisko. Want to play?"

Sisko snoozing after a lot of playing!!!   Sisko with his Kong Ball (one of his favorite toys) and a big bucket of his K9-Rx. When it was in production, it helped to keep him healthy!!

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