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Here are a few of my favorite web sites, updated on January 06, 2010:


Shop with Margaret, Leonard & Sisko!

Auto Related:

AMSOIL Corporate Website - Synthetic vehicle and industrial lubricants (SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil information here)

Zaino Bros. - Best Car protectant I've ever used. Zaino rocks - there is nothing better.

XPEL Technologies Corp.: Clear Bra Paint Protection and Headlamp Protection - 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film for paint and headlamp & fog lamp protection.

DetailersClub - Great car car and detail stuff!!

Autopia Carport - Even more car car and detail stuff.

Welcome to Meguiar's Online! - Good car wax stuff!!.

Classic Motoring Accessories Superstore - Even more great car care stuff.

Griot's Garage - More great car care stuff.

Top of the Line Auto Detailing Supplies - Another great source

MotorWeek Home Page

PC Hardware:

2CoolTek - Need case fans, heat sinks, grills, etc - these guys have got 'em. - Cases, hardware, etc.  - Cases, hardware, etc. - Another cool (no pun intended) source of fans, etc.

AMD Zone - Good source for AMD Information

AMD - CPU's and Graphics cards

PC Power & Cooling - great power supplies - Home - Motherboard information and reviews : Everything about silent computing

PC Software:

Download Power File - Great file manager, ftp program, & zip program.

Power Desk Utilities - Another great file manager, complete with a zip program, files encryption, file viewer, etc.

Fix-It Utilities -   Very easy to use utility suite.

Internet Connection Sharing:

Sharing Your Internet Connection (Practically Networked Home)- Formerly, this is the best source of information on Internet Connection Sharing and home networking. - Lots of information on Cable Internet access.

Linksys - Routers, Networking Hardware, and Hardware Firewalls, plus Cable Modems - Great way to share and/or own a cable or DSL modem. 

BlackICE Defender - Security Firewall

Zone Alarm Pro - Best Security Firewall 

Shields UP!! - Check your cable modem, ADSL, etc security settings.

PC Information:

Maximum PC

Tom's Hardware Guide



PC Mike's Tech News:


Build Your Own Computer - An Illustrated Guide to Building A PC - Overclocking, Voodoo, GeForce, Motherboards and More!

PCMech - Computers and Technology for Normal People (aka PC Mechanic)

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials:

Corel Paint Shop Pro® Photo XI Tutorials

Third Party Paint Shop Pro Tutorial Sites

Get Ready to Tickle your Pixels

Personal Finance:

WSJ Interactive Edition

The Motley Fool: Finance and Folly


Home Improvement Related:

ALTRUM Corporate Website - Health & Organic Gardening Division of Amsoil - source of the AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer I've used on my flowers & lawn.




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