Dear Plant Manager:

Believe it or not anwhere from hundreds of dollars to as much as a thousand dollars is yours when you switch to AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil. This is how much money you save on a drum of AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil compared to Sullair Sullube 32® or Ingersoll-Rand SSR Ultra Coolant®. And that is only the initial savings.

Each of us has different motivations. Some of us want to impress our superiors. Some of us want to look good in front of our peers. Some of us are motivated by personal pride in a job well done or a good decision, no matter what anyone thinks. Most of us like to make money, or save money, because of what money can buy or accomplish. What is it that motivates you?

AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil is made from high quality, shear stable synthetic base oils. SIROCCO® oil provides long compressor life through reduced component wear, corrosion protection, water resistance and lubricant breakdown resistance. These oils reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals - up to 8000 hours in many applications - and by lowering labor and used product disposal requirements. AMSOIL synthetic oils minimize carbon build-up, provide clean performance and exhibit low frictional characteristics. This superior formulation has demonstrated increased operational efficiency, reduced energy consumption and lower operating temperatures.

AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil does not require extensive flushing procedures to replace polyalkylglycol compressor fluids. Just follow your normal oil change procedures. In addition, the product is backed fully by the AMSOIL limited warranty. AMSOIL has been a leader in lubricant technology since 1972 when it marketed the first synthetic API certified motor oil. Today AMSOIL is a leading synthetic compressor oil manufacturer.

Performance features of AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil include:

  • Anti-foam, anti-wear protection
  • Superior rust and oxidation prevention
  • Excellent compatibility with components and other oils

It's your money! For more information, please download both:  AMSOIL SIROCCO® Synthetic Compressor Oil and Amsoil Synthetic Industrial Compressor Oils or email here