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My New Computer Crashed BIG TIME, 2.0!!!!!!!


Well, it's bound to happen to everyone who has a computer sooner or later. I would have preferred later. Much later. Like maybe never, and now had two bad system crashes in about a year and a half. 

This latest time (first in over four years) was in 2006, when for reasons I still can not fathom, GoBack caused my PC to spontaneously reboot about a dozen times in a day, to the point where I removed a once very useful program. It now does not run on any of our computers. In the process of the reboots, it corrupted y installation of Windows XP, but I tolerated the poor performance, using my laptop instead for most everyday computing.

Rebuild Time

Successfully rebuilt my computer, with a new hard drive, and new burner. After three months of use, I finally obtained a new external hard drive, and using something new for me, Acronis True Image Home 10.0, ran a full back up. Several days later, I ran an incremental back.

Then, fifteen minutes after that back up finished, a loud noise came from inside my box. I thought it was a fan going bad, but upon opening it up, I could find no fans failing. Instead, the noise came from a three month old 500GB SATA Seagate hard drive. Ten minutes later, it completely failed.

BACKUP Your Computer. Period.

Fortunately, a copy of the Acronis True Image Home 10.0 installation program resided on my new external hard disk. I replaced the now fried hard drive, formatted and installed Windows XP from a slipstreamed installation disk with Service Pack 2 on it - a 35 minute installation job, installed Acronis True Image, and ran the restoration portion of the program. Eight hours later, my computer was back where I left off. Perfectly. The most accurate restore I've ever experienced.

Since then, I've used newer versions of Acronis on another new desktop computer I've built, and used Acronis to move an entire notebook drive to a new upgraded hard drive (Seagate uses Acronis True Image as it's disk imaging tool for installing new drives).

Take my word for it: Back Up Your Computer. 


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