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Hobbies? Interests??? Do I have any??? What am I not interested in?!?!?!?!

Who's Sisko?? Well, read on!!!!

My little buddy SISKO!!! Sisko is a fifteen year old Shih Tzu, and yes, we named him after DS9's Captain Sisko (I told you, I like Star Trek). Sisko's the friendliest, most affectionate. dog I've ever met!!! He's my best little buddy, and I love taking him for walks (or rides in my car..."Go for a Walk Sisko" and "Go for a ride" mean the same thing to him - he's getting out of the house with his buddy Lenny (ME!)) . I'm not talking short walks, either...he's getting up there in years, but Sisko's little legs will easily carry him on some one-and-a-half mile walks (twice a day if we can...God, my feet are killing me ;) ) and then he'll grab one of his toys and run up and down the house with it!! He's also a "tough" little guy playing tug-of-war with his rag bone and his fleecy ball. This little ball of furry energy is just way too cool!! He's getting old, but he hasn't slowed down much yet. While the walks in warmer weather have shortened (his tolerance of heat has understandably come down as he's become older), he still loves to play with his fleecy ball, and frequently I'll spend a half an hour throwing it around for him in the house. His mid air catches never cease to amaze me, and he's still very strong for a little dog!! The grip he puts on the ball is wild - I have to try tickling his front feet to get him to let go. It not "fetch" we play. It's more like a amalgam of "fetch" and "keep away".


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Me and the little fur ball on the picnic table in the backyard!

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Hey, it was a long walk, and we're tired!!!!  (Is this a dog, or a teddy bear, anyway??)

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    "Hey! I'm on the picnic table, and I still can't see over the fence!!"


Enough of the dog. Here's Margaret & myself at her 

employers Christmas 2000 Holiday Party. 



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