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Name Alonzo (Ross) JACKSON
Birth abt 1875, Tennessee
Father William Browder JACKSON (1826-1912)
Mother Martha A NICHOLS (~1842-)
1 Mary Louella CRAVENS
Birth 1889, Benton County Tennessee
Marriage 30 Sep 1901
Children Ida Mae (1903-1981)
John Ethridge (Living)
Johnie (Living)
Clara Dean (Living)
Almetta (Living)
Tommie (1912-1913)
Carl (Living)
Genie (1916-1976)
Bonnie Jane (Living)
Francis Louetta (Living)
James Elmer (Living)
Marshell Elmo (1926-1926)
Raymond Maxine (Living)
Notes for Alonzo (Ross) JACKSON
Alonzo (Ross) farmed, fished and musseled a lot. For many that are not familiar with mussels, there were special boats equipped with hooks that they worked the river, lowering the hooks and or brail. His years on the river were before motors or cranks for power were known, so he paddled the boat alone with an oar, lowering and raising the brais by hand.
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