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Welcome to my Genealogy site:

During this search of family I have come across many family members that have been willing to share their information and what photographs they had in their posession. Between all who have shared I was able to create a large family file. My thanks to all of them.

My Mother's side of the family goes back to 1775 and originated in North Carolina and from there traveled to Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois.

I have enjoyed doing the research on finding lost ones and hope to continue, The family tree keeps on growing.

If for any reason a person's name appears on my web site and there is a desire to have it removed, Please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accomidate them.

If there is any person who is willing to share information or photographs, I will gladly accept.

During my search I have found some wonderful web sites for genealogy searchers.

There is also a picture site located at with some members of my family.

Thanks for stopping by.


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