Evelyn Rucker McFarland



                Then                                              Now   

Home:    543 Creek Oak Drive
              Murfreesboro, TN 37128  (in the summers)

              Jingzhou, Hubei, China  (the rest of the year)

Phone:   615-260-1620  (daughter: Laura Carter)

E-Mail:   BigMacTN@gmail.com


After graduating from DLHS I went on to DLC, like many of us, for the next two years. Then I broke with family tradition and transferred to Harding. (My grandmother attended Lipscomb, my parents met at Lipscomb, and all five of my siblings graduated from DLHS.) But, Harding proved to be a good place. I met my husband there and we married in 1966. Ron has been preaching since he was 16, so I have been the "preacher's wife" for 39 years now. We lived in Midland, Texas for a year where our first daughter was born. Next we lived in East St. Louis, Ill. for about a year and a half. In 1969 we moved to Davenport, Iowa where two more daughters were born in '69 and ''71. In 1973 we spent 8-9 months in Jackson, TN with plans for Ron to attend graduate school in Memphis, but ended up moving to Brunswick, Ga. We lived there for six years and were very involved in building a Bus ministry. In 1979 we decided it was time for me to finish my college degree and moved back to Nashville where I graduated from Tennessee State in 1980. Immediately after that we moved to Dover, Delaware and I have been teaching elementary classes in the public school system for twenty-five years. This June I finally retired. My summer has been busy, but I hope to feel retired by September.

Delaware has been a great place to raise our children: good schools, small out-of-the-way town in easy reach of the megalopolis of the northeast. The girls are all gone and living their own lives now: Tammy Tuell of Jacksonville,Fla.; Janelle White of Nashville; and Laura Carter, of Chapel Hill, TN. Tammy teaches 5th grade at a private Christian school. Janelle has just given up her career as a Corporate Trainer with AmSouth Bank to bless us with our second grandson this Spring. Laura is a graphic artist currently looking for a job. We have four wonderful grandchildren that I'll put up against anybody's.

We never set out to stay in Delaware so long but we are still here. Working with Christians in the Northeast has been a rewarding challenge. It's amazing how many people have moved into and out of our lives over the years. With an Air Force Base here some have been military, but not all. We have been very involved in a Christian Camp in Pennsylvania for more than 20 years now. I've slowed down some, but wow! our life has been crazy for ever so long.

I'm in and out of Nashville relatively often with my parents still there and half the grandchildren there too. I hope this reunion will come about and I'll get to see some of you again soon.

We are moving to China!  On August 28, 2007, we will be leaving for Jingzhou, Hubei, China.  We will be joining long-time friends Gary and Signa Cook who have been there 5 years now.  We will be teaching English at Yangtze University. That gets us in the country.  You are not allowed to establish churches, advertise, or hand out literature publicly but foreigners and the Chinese are allowed to hold "religious discussions" in their homes all they want.  In the past five years our friends there have given away more than 600 Bibles and baptized over three hundred and fifty people.  We are working with a group called "China Now" who have been recruiting Christian teachers for 10 or 12 years.  The Chinese now teach English to all students of Junior and Senior High school age.  China Now tries to keep a low profile but this year they have more than 100 Christian teachers throughout the country.  China is seeing rapid change and the interest is phenomenal. We expect to stay four or five years teaching to develop the Chinese leaders among the Christians.  Our plan is to share a home with our daughter in Murfreesboro when we are home for two months each summer.  I will be sending back regular emails but they will be somewhat coded.  I will start now by asking everyone to remember us in your talks with "The Coach" as we try to strengthen our "team members" and continue give out "Good Books".
I love you all and really wish I could have been there for the reunion.

Last fall (2007) my husband and I left Delaware to go to China to teach English at Yangtze University located in Jingzhou, Hubei Province.  We have joined some long time friends who have been here six years.  The opportunities to teach the Chinese in home studies have been incredible.  We are about ready to start our second semester here now.  The Chinese people have been warmly receptive and treat us with great honor.  Before we left we bought a home in Murfreesboro which we will return to each summer for 8 to 12  weeks.  Our daughter, Laura Carter, lives there now.  We will be very happy to get back to our grandchildren over the summer break.  We are on a year to year commitment here but we plan to return for 3 to 4 more years if we can.  We will be glad to add you to our email list if you are interested in receiving our "China News" newsletter. It goes out about every six weeks.  Some things we are cautious to be very explicit about but its not hard to follow what we are up to.  Any stateside questions or communications can be made through Janelle White, our daughter in Nashville, 615-333-7660.

By the way we are connecting interested students with internet penpals if anyone is interested. They are very into learning about American culture and practicing their English. Anyone who would like to correspond with a Chinese student can email us for a name and address.

Last updated:    February 2008