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Thus USED to be "Kotts' MG Midget Page", dedicated to my '77 MG Midget, but no more!  There's a new MG in the household, and it deserves some notice as well (maybe more so!)

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Look, nobody else may care about our cars, but heck, this is OUR web page!   This page gets expanded/updated as we get time, but free time is pretty scarce, so it tends to be be a bit here, a bit there. If you're into British cars in general, and MGs in particular, this might be a useful page to bookmark.

Updated as of July 23rd, 2001

Yes, folks!  His & Hers MGs!
Martha is a '77 Midget (just barely, according to the plate, it rolled off the line in January of 1977).  The paint is original (though it has been touched up).

So why is this HIS car?  How come Marcy doesn't get to drive it?  Well, when we bought Martha, Marcy wasn't interested in cars particularly, so driving it wasn't important to her.  When she began to be interested, we found that Saloons just appealed to her more, which leads us to 
The Tale of Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy is a '58 ZB Magnette.  About 18,000 ZB Magnettes were built (and about as many ZAs).  Not too many are still around, let alone driven regularly.  The paint is original, though with a few more touch-ups than Martha.  She is in the process of a "rolling restoration".

And yes, this is MARCY's car, she owns it, she drives it (she sometimes let's Chris drive, when he's been good).  Marcy is in the process of learning how to maintain and restore a British car, with Chris coaching, and we're having a ball doing it!

Except during winter weather, both cars are driven regularly (i.e. daily, unless down for service)  Winters are spent tending to the age related maladies that a 23 or 42 year old car is prone to.   Oddly enough, this hasn't included visits from The Prince of Darkness (a nickname for Lucas, which made many of the electrical components for British cars).

This is the newest of the new, a Gallery! Here you will find pictures of MGs. Some I have known well, and some I have admired from afar...

Here's an attempt to answer the question we are so often asked: "So, why an MG?"

Help!  The garage is being taken over by wayward car parts!  Help me find happy homes for them!

Newly added Parts Cross-Reference.  How to find the bits you need to get your Midget or Magnette back home form the boonies!  (Just started doing this, so submissions are requested!)

Here is my newly reorganized (as of 5/5/98) list of

British and Other Automotive Web Links

I've tried to make it as easy as I can to find what you're after. Let me know how I did!

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