A Diary Of Special Days
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March 12 to
March 22

       My Grandma Kohler turned 90 on March 19. Aunt Carol set up a little family reunion to celebrate, and we drove down to attend (our first Kohler family function as adults and as a married couple.) We drove to San Antonio (where they know what picante sauce should taste like!) and spent a few days driving around Kim's high school home and eating the best darn breakfast tacos in the world. Then we drove to San Angelo and had Grandma's party. Lots of fun. We wore short sleeves while in Texas, although the snow was a couple of feet deep in Chicago. Nice to get away.

July 4

       Our good friend Jen has her roots in the Gateway to the West and was dying to fill her parents' basement with as many people as possible, so we all drove down to celebrate America's Independence with her family. "Fair St. Louis" was happening, so there were lots of people and lots of fun things to see. We went to a St. Louis Cardinals game and Larry taught us how to keep score like a "true baseball fan" (Turns out it's a lot more complicated than just counting how many times each team gets a run). We saw an air show over the arch and we watched Star Wars Episode 1 at the Wherenberg (Wherenberg) theatre. It was 8 million degrees the whole time we were there, but it was a blast!

July 15 to
July 18

       Country Thunder USA is the ultimate country concert experience. This year we also made it the ultimate camping experience - complete with lots and LOTS of mud. We took a few days off work and went to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin where we pitched a tent and lived out of the back of our pickup truck. We saw several great concerts including (and especially) the great Charlie Daniels Band. It was beautiful (if hot) for the first few days, and then it rained, producing enough thick, stinky mud to cover South America. We stayed all 4 days and would have been stuck even longer if we didn't own a TRUCK.

September 25

       The day we became suburbanites! Living in the city was nice, but we needed a change of pace (and a little more security), so we headed out to Mount Prospect. On this day, we moved in to a beautiful, carpeted apartment in a gorgeous landscaped community. We have ducks, and ponds, and squirrels, and waterfalls. A pool, and ducks, and friendly staff that accept UPS packages for you and remembers your birthday. Foxes, coyotes, raccoons, ducks, opossums, and ducks. And modern appliances, and clean new tile, and ducks and two private balconeys. Also ducks.

December 22

Award Winning Christmas Door - 1999

       Forest Cove held a "Tis the Season to be Festive" Door Decorating Contest for the holidays. Joel put his creative energies to work and created the most beautiful scene on our front door. (I made the snowflakes, but Joel gets credit for the rest). Advent wreath by JoelThe judges apparently agreed with his good taste because we were awarded first prize - a $75 gift certificate to Lettuce Entertain You (a Chicago Restaurant Syndicate), which we used to take all our friends out for (belated) holiday pizza.

       In addition to decking the halls of Forest Cove, Joel also came up with beautiful matched decorations for the rest of our home. The centerpiece of our table this season was the Advent wreath he built especially for me.

Christmas Balcony