A Diary Of Special Days
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October 10

       We got wedding-ed! The official church ceremony happened today. It was fairy-tale perfect, so there. We had a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony. We had the service at Sheil, the Northwestern campus Neuman center. Afterwards, we toured the campus taking pictures. We stopped at the Shakespeare garden, at the lakefill fountain, at the mysterious stone ring by Deering meadow, and in the lobby of Jones Arts Residential College (backstory here.) The reception that evening was a rockin' good party. When the party broke up, we indulged our nosiness and peeked in at the next room to see what they were doing, and found a barbershop quartet festival. Well, they certainly couldn't let a chance like this pass by, and we became the focus of an impromptu "songs for newlyweds" contest!

Something Old... My Grandfather's Diamond Inset "K" Pin and
Great Grandma Beery's Nottingham Lace Handkerchief
Something New... Just about everything else on the bride
Something Borrowed... Kim's Mother's pearl necklace
Something Blue... The satin bow on the garter (woo-hoo!)