A Diary Of Special Days
Left Nerk1997Right Nerk

October 10

       We got married!! At about 8:00 AM we dressed up and drove out to pick up Alice, our Maid of Honor, and Erick, our Best Man. Kim and Alice spent a bit of time at Alice's place finding a "something borrowed". At Erick's place, he and I spent some time being ourselves.

Something Old... My Grandfather's Diamond Inset "K" Pin
Something New... Pretty Burgundy "Wedding" Dress
Something Borrowed... Alice's Wristwatch
Something Blue... New Turquoise Earrings

       We got to a parking garage across the street from the Chicago Courthouse at about 9:00 AM. By 9:10 we were in the waiting room for marriage court. By 9:20 we were before the judge. We promised him, a judge, that we would love and cherish and honor and all the rest for so long as we both should live. We also promised to be each other's friends.

October 31

       Our first batch of finch eggs hatched! The hippie commune's community efforts to keep the 4 eggs warm and protected resulted in 4 naked little spiciety finches. Mom, Dad and Sister Mary Finch set up a rotating schedule for eating, feeding, sleeping, and personal time.

       We were decorating for our annual Halloween/Nevada Day party. Erick was visiting just to hang out and wait for the party to start, and he peeked in to the nest to see what he could see, when he suddenly started to holler, "Hey! I can see something moving in there!" Sure enough, there was a baby finch next to only 3 eggs. By the next morning they were all out.