A Diary Of Special Days
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January 15

       Kim's Birthday. Season tickets.

January 20

       Last Thursday was "Dad's Night" at the preschool. Dads were invited to come with their child and attend a mini version of an average preschool day - basically just going to school with your kid, but in the evening after work. The evening began with a little freeplay in the classroom, and then the teachers called us all to the reading carpet. The kids all sat on the carpet and enthusiastically dragged their parents along with them. Most of us parents sat on the ground with the kids, a few said "my body just doesn't do that anymore". After story time, we went to our respective tables to do a craft. At Xavier's table were a little girl named Annika and her Dad. The other two who are normally at their table weren't there that night, so there were enough chairs that we didn't have to have the kids on our laps. However, these are still pre-school sized chairs, so it was an amusing sight all around.

       Soon, all the kids were either finishing their rockets or had lost interest. Annika started tickling Xavier and they were both giggling and having a grand, but slightly noisy time. The teacher was coming around collecting craft supplies just as Annika's Dad said to her, "I hope you aren't this silly when I'm not here."

       "Only with Xavier," says the teacher. "Those two have some sort of connection."

       For the rest of the evening, Annika's Dad kept one eye on Xavier. At one point he said "Sorry, Xavier, Annika's not aloud to have any boyfriends. Ever." To which my boy responded, "Just girl friends?" Then made a face that said quite clearly that was the silliest thing he'd ever heard and went right back to playing with his friend.

       At the end of the evening, Annika asked her Dad is she could play with Xavier for a while, and since I was talking to the teacher he said, "I guess you could chase him around in the hallway." And off they went. After talking to the teacher, I located Xavier, got him bundled up in his coat, turned around to pick up our rocket ship, and headed out the classroom door. I saw Annika and her Dad at the end of the hall, turned to say "Say goodbye to your girlfriend, Xavier" and he was not there.

       I spun around, Looked back up the hall towards the other retreating families, and down the other way at kids leaving by a different door. No Xavier. I stepped back into the class room and looked frantically around, no Xavier. Both teachers and the Preschool Coordinator were standing in the middle of the empty classroom chatting, saw me looking around and said "Missing something?"

       "Xavier", I said.

       "He was right with you when you walked through the door a second ago!" says the teacher.

       "He was?" I responded. "I thought so, but he's not here now. I was beginning to think I was crazy."

       Then the preschool coordinator (who, I should point out, is not in the classroom with the kids every day) said "Oh, he's probably with Annika." The teachers laughed and one of them said "Yeah, there's something about those two!"

       I headed back into the hall, started poking my head in each classroom door while making my way quickly towards the main door. When I reached the center of the building, I found Annika's Dad ushering Xavier back into the building through the double set of glass doors. "He followed us right out!" He explained, "He's out here trying to get some digits!"

March 5

A Conversation Between Dad and Xavier, While Driving to Preschool

Dad: So, XV, what does your monkey sound like?

XV: I'm not a monkey.

Dad: What are you, then?

XV: I'm a kid.

Dad: What does a kid sound like?

XV: (pause) Hello!

Dad: That's cute! What does a monkey sound like?

XV: Ooh ooh! Ah ah! That's a monkey sound.

Dad: That's good! How 'bout a kitty?

XV: Meow! (giggle)

Dad: And a dog?

XV: Woof! (giggle)

Dad: Good! And a birdie?

XV: Cheep cheep! (giggle, giggle)

Dad: Anything else?

XV: Purr! Purr!

Dad: Hah! How does a teacher sound?

XV: (pause) Hello! Just like me!

Dad: Is that all?

XV: Um... Hello, welcome for visiting our class.

Dad: How 'bout a mama? How does she sound?

XV: I Love You! Hi!

Dad: Hah! What about a daddy?

XV: (long pause) Um... there are some bad words in that.

April 10

       good friday, baby test results

April 14
June 13

       boys spring soccer

May 2

       start shinkendo


       Again, somehow, my desire to take it easy during the summer months fails to resemble the final product. And if you think about it, even though they say summer is supposed to be 3 months off from school, it's only 2. June through August, yes, that's 3 calendar months, but when you recall that it's mid-June through mid-August, it very clearly becomes 2. Then you pack that with what seems like just a few activities, and suddenly you never get to sleep.

       This summer's itinerary: swim class Monday through Thursday for both boys, Xavier started karate on Wednesday afternoons, Arizona went to 2 summer camps, I started Shinkendo classes, everyone came up for Memorial day (again, just like last year), and we spent 10 days vacationing in Mackinaw City, MI. (Much of this will get it's own write-up.)


Yellow Belt

June 22-26

       camp Invention

July 13-24

       summer wonders (is it really called that? I didn't think it was called that.)

July 18

       Arizona's Fishin' Derby birthday

August 6-16

Mackinaw City

August 22


August 26

Zona starts at Central Road

August 27

Xavier starts at KH

September 5

First apple pie from apples picked from our own apple tree

October 29
November 1

Weem and costumes

November 12

Rowan Joseph       Welcome to the World, Rowan Joseph! Why are you here already? You were supposed to wait another month!

Thursday, November 12, 2009
5:25 a. m.
6 lb. 14 oz.
19.5 in.

November 14


November 15

Blue Belt

November 15

       Grandma Davis dies story

December 5

white with 2 stripes