A Diary Of Special Days
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March 12

New Baby Xavier

It's a Boy!
       Welcome to Xaview Matthew Kohler! Our second son was born this day. Specifically, he was born according to these statistics:

11:45 AM CST
8 lbs 1 oz
19.5 in
Perfection Level:

September 2-4

Sidewalk Chalk

       We had a big garage sale this summer to try to get rid of a lot of old stuff. It was only moderately successful. We did raise about $100, but most of that was on selling several small things. In terms of storage space recovered, we basically had no change. Some of the stuff we still have in storage, some we threw out, some was donated. Anyone want some dusty old grandma curtains?

       During our garage sale weekend we met one of our neighbors, Jack, who is 18 months old. Jack came by while Arizona was using his sidewalk chalk, and we invited him to join us. Jack wouldn't play without his Mama, so she got down on the ground and did some chalk as well. Arizona was having so much fun that after a while he jumped up and gave Jack's Mama a big hug. Jack burst into to tears and yelled "My Mama!" and didn't want to play with Arizona anymore. Maybe he was afraid Zona was going to sell her at the garage sale.

October 31

       This year we let Arizona choose his own Halloween costume and (surprise, surprise) he chose Spiderman. Since we like theme costumes, we decided baby Xavier could be a spider. Kim made both costumes herself with much success, but didn't have time to get too creative for herself, so she put on some spider earrings. I tried a last minute mummy costume, but we were a little short on gauze. Since I was carrying the baby spider, we decided I looked like a bug all wrapped up as spider food. This is also the first year Arizona went trick-or-treating. Before we headed out he helped us pass out candy and kept inviting the kids in to play with him. When we got to the neighbors' houses he tried to walk right in when the doors opened. I have a new appreciation for people who put up dog and baby gates in their doors or just sit outside all night.

December 31

       New Year's Eve party at the Koh's! Too much likker! Karaoke! Puppets! Lots of board games! A good time was had by all!