A Diary Of Special Days
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May 11

The Lion King       We saw the Lion King Broadway Musical for Mother's day. The opening scene when all of the animals come out for "The Circle of Life" was so incredible that Kim cried. This is a GREAT show. It followed the movie really well, and often it even improved on the film, especially in the score. It was full of in-jokes and appealed to the adult crowd just as much as the kids, if not more. Some of it was a bit intense for the younger set, so we left Arizona at home. My god, what a cool show. And an expensive one. The "bird on a stick" they were selling at the souvenir booths -- you know, the ones that look like giant cat toys, the ones that they were waving around on stage -- cost $250 WITHOUT the sticks! Up close, they were less fancy than the $15 kite we got from Sam's club! Wow what a show!

May 30 to
June 1

       We all attended the Illinois Jaycees 2003 First Trimester General Assembly (GA, for short) in Springfield. We drove down through awfully rainy and windy weather, which we found out later was in fact a tornado. Glad we didn't know that going into it. We won lots of groovy awards including runner-up best project of the trimester and Rookie Jaycee for the month of February. We rock!

June 7 to
June 14

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels       We visited Texas again, this time for Kimberly's 10 year high school reunion. Not a lot has changed in ten years. Unfortunately, not a lot of her old friends made it, but we had a great time at the family picnic. We had an even better time with the family at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels a few days later. It HAS changed a lot in ten years. How incredibly cool! They had lots of kiddie pools for Arizona, they had tube rides up the gazoo... just Wow!

June 3

Leigha Kaitlyn       Welcome to Leigha Kaitlyn! She is our new neice, born to my half sister Lisa and her husband Shawn. (Boy, she sure does look a lot like her daddy!) Congratulations!

Leigha Kaitlyn
Lisa and Shawn
Tuesday, June 03, 2003
3:13 a. m.
7 lb. 9.50 oz.
20 in.

October 10 to
October 12

       For our anniversary this year, we went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, just an hour away. It's a very cute little town, which can be summed up as a typical cute couples retreat town. We toured the Octoberfest craft fair, had a carriage ride, and took the lake tour cruise, on which they point out all the houses built along the lakeshore by people who have too much money. Our hotel was a nice little all-suite affair, with jacuzzi tubs and gas fireplaces. Arizona got a free pumpkin at the free pumpkin giveaway at the craft fair. We took it home and turned it into pumpkin pie. Hoo-yeah!

October 31

Halloween Haunted Yard Sign       Well, Halloween this year was a blast from the past for me. 'Way back in high school (Octobers '90 and '92) I and my group of weirdos put together a haunted back yard. Man, that was so much fun... We actually scared some people (grown adults, mind you) so much that they refused to complete the tour and had to make an emergency exit. It was hilarious! Well, we used our connections to the Jaycees to bring enough manpower in to do it again. (Of course, none of my old high school buddies were in town, but we did it just the same.) We figured out a way to put dividers up around the yard to make a "maze path" for guests to follow, we built various spooky scenes in all the "rooms"... it was great! I sure do like Halloween.

       Wanna see it? Click here!


IDVP Runner UpO Wins!       Yeah, yeah, the date is in the wrong year. In January of 2004, at the Illinois Jaycees *2003* Year End General Assembly, Kimberly won some awards at the state level that she's really proud of. She won The Outstanding ID Project of the Year for her Jaycee version of Hollywood Squares, and Runner Up Individual Development Vice President of the Year for her very cool self.

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