A Diary Of Special Days
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April 18 to
May 1

       We flew to Texas for two reasons. Kim's dad (who is now called Grandpa due to Arizona's presense) retired, and Kim sang the national anthem at the ceremony, with a little help from Arizona. Then we went to San Angelo and Arizona met his Grandpop and Okiegran (his grandma Kohler is an Okie) and his Great Grandma Kohler for the first time. Also, Kim managed to touch the dolphin this time around. (Last year her tummy was so full of Arizona that she couldn't even reach the water.)


       We had everyone and their dog over for Christmas this year. Well, actually, the dog didn't make it until the next spring, but still, we ended up with nine stockings and eleven people in our little home. Wow! We're real enough that we've started being the place where family get-togethers happen. When did we get this old?