A Diary Of Special Days
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March 10

       We got a real camera! OK, not a really big deal, but it makes such a HUGE difference in picture quality! We were never able before to take a picture of a lovebird and have it be clear, or even visible. Now I can get variable depth of field and get both birds focused at the same time! This thing is SO MUCH FUN!!

       The folks at Wolf Camera, by the way, were totally unhelpful. We did our reserach beforehand and had a couple of models in mind that we wanted to look at. When we got to the store and asked about them, the guy just tosses his head and says, "Nah, those aren't any good. Have a look at this..." and tries to make us buy some hyper-camera of the future. He ignored totally what we told him we wanted and denied that the models we were considering did what we wanted. So we went to Wal-Mart. They had the camera we wanted, which did EXACTLY what we wanted it to do, for a better price than Wolf.

       I suppose I should mention that it's a Minolta QTsi with a 35-80mm zoom lens. Neat!

March 16 to
March 26

The Alamo

       Vacation to Texas. Kim's folks are back on the mainland and moved back into the old house on Lazy Forest. Feed Da Bitty GoatWe drove down to hang out for a week and pick up some old baby stuff. (Kim used to read a lot of really silly books.) Of course, we saw the Alamo. We also saw lots of critters. We went fishing, and I caught my first fish. Kim caught a tree. (It was fierce. We had to club it into submission to get her tackle back.) We spent a day at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, and another day at the San Antonio Zoo, and another day at SeaWorld. Shamu kicks a**. Kim could not pet the dolphins, because her tummy was so full of Arizona that she could not even reach the water. I got to pet a dolphin, although I had to cheat a bit to do so. (Dolphins like the sound of keychains jangling underwater, but dolphin keepers don't.)Wink Wink!

How To Lure A Dolphin

July 4

Peapod Delivers Independence Day

       We put Kim's Beetle to good use today by representing Peapod in the Mount Prospect 4th of July parade. Click Here for details and pictures.

July 18

Sleepy Arizona

Baby Arizona Was Born!!

       Welcome to Arizona Robert Kohler! We're terribly excited! Here's what we know so far:

5:32 PM CST
8 lbs. 9 ozs.
20.5 in.
Perfection Level:

September 24

We Just Closed On Our New Home!