A Diary Of Special Days
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February 12

music notesWe just got to see Blue's Clues!music notes
We just got to see Blue's Clues!
We just got to see Blue's Clues!
It was really fun!

Blue's Clues Ticket        I discovered Blue's Clues on TV one day a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the concept. This is a kids show that treats kids like real people and teaches them all about believing in themselves. The critics eventually determined that the show is as great as we think it is, and it became a merchandising phenomenon (as all kids shows, unfortunately, do), but seems to have remained just as dedicated to it's original purpose as always. So when we heard that Blue's Clues Live was coming to the Rosemont Theatre, we had to go see the show.

       We were probably the only couple in the place without kids of our own, but nobody seemed to care. We had as much fun watching all the kids as we did watching the show. The best part was the kids' reaction to the characters. Whenever Steve (Blue's person and host of the show) would ask a question of the audience, there was excited chattering of the answer back at him. But when Blue herself appeared on stage, the whole place exploded. The chatter became one huge roar of "Blue! Blue! There's Blue!" and every child in the place was on the edge of his seat. It was a totally amazing experience!

February 25

Globetrotters Tickets       The Harlem Globetrotters were performing/playing at the All-State Arena just minutes from our apartment, on a tour sponsored in part by Authority Dog Food, PetsMart's store brand dog food, and as a PetsMart employee, I scored us free tickets to the show.

       This may possibly have been even more fun than Blue's Clues two weeks ago. The Globetrotters are absolutely amazing! They really do all those things you see them do on TV, pulling audience members into the game, harrassing the referees, confusing their opponents with fancy footwork and unauthorized equipment. We laughed for the entire show.

       The half time show was the Authority Flyball Tour, which was just as much fun. Flyball is one of those competitions dogs do at your more practical type of dog show - primarily with Border Collies and other "working dog" breeds. It's a relay race where each dog must run across the course, jumping over hurdles on the way, push on a springboard with his front paws to release a ball, and return the ball to the start line before so the next dog can go. It's a very graceful game when played by the working dogs. Authority made it even better by letting a variety of breeds in. From chihuahuas to a great danes, the teams were a mish-mash of breeds. One little dog ran around all the hurdles, while the giant schnauzer didn't appear to notice they were even there as he strode right over them. And the best part of all was that the dogs were having a blast. Each one was tearing for the course before it was even his turn, and every one of them got enthusiastically hugged and pet after running the course. It was so much fun to see a bunch of happy dogs with people who loved them and didn't care if they did a good job or not, as long as they tried. We cheered more for the dog race than we did for the basketball game.

       It was a totally wonderful event. We highly recommend it to anyone for a fun date or a great family outing.

October 23

       It's Kim's mother's 50th birthday, but since she's in Hawaii and we are not, that's not the reason for this diary entry. The exciting news for today is Kim's Podmobile.

       Peapod has a small fleet of VW Beetles all decked out in Pea-green and promotional decals that are owned and operated by Peapod employees. They decided to open the program back up this fall to 7 more employees, and Kim was chosen as one of them. We went out tonight and picked up a shiny new 2001 VW Beetle and became a two car family.

The Cutest Pod Beetle i.e. Kim's

       Currently the car is still shiny black, but it will get all prettied up in early November while Kim is in Baltimore opening up Peapod's newest warehouse. Then Kim can start telling all of Chicago-land about Peapod and the wonderful world of online grocery shopping.

November 4

Circus Ticket       Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus, The Greatest Show On Earth! Lots of fun, lots of kids, lots of clowns, lots of elephants, lots of popcorn and pretzels, lots of tigers, lots of chinese girls on one bike, one crazy chick who hung from a rope by only her hair! The clowncar was a black and yellow VW Beetle, which we don't think is as cute as Kim's beetle. The tigers especially caught Kim's attention, so next Halloween we all have to dress up like tigers (Coco, the baby, and I) so Kim can dress up as a Tiger Tamer. Kim threatens to dress up all the kitties, but Coco is the only one who'll put up with it. Oh, lord, now she's starting in on the birds...

Sara And Her Tigers

November 6

       KIM PASSED HER TEST!!! Baby Kohler is officially on the way! This was the day we found out that we can expect a new arrival, which we later found out we should expect around July 23, 2001.


       Christmas was fairly normal this year. The reason we mention it is because, even though there wasn't a door decorating contest this year, there should have been, and we would have won it if there had been. (Click here to see the door we designed.)