Ironclad Vacations Photo Gallery

Over the last nine years or so, I've taken a number of vacations related to my interest in the naval actions of the Civil War. In doing so, I've accumulated a few hundred photographs (I'm a compulsive shutterbug); I thought you might be interested in seeing a few of them. On the following nine pages are forty-five of what I consider the best photos. I hope to be able to add a page for New Orleans when I make it there.

Mark F. Jenkins

Page 2: Columbus KY, Fort Donelson, and Memphis
Page 3: The Cairo at Vicksburg
Page 4: The Jackson and the Neuse
Page 5: Fort Fisher and Charleston
Page 6: Charleston and Portsmouth
Page 7: Hampton Roads and Fort Pulaski
Page 8: Fort Pulaski and Fort Gaines
Page 9: Fort Morgan and Richmond
Page 10: Richmond, Harrison's Landing, and the Walke home

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