Ironclad Photo Gallery II: Ships

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[USS Kickapoo]
Broadside view of the riverine monitor Kickapoo

[USS Lafayette]
The river ironclad Lafayette on the Mississippi

[USS Lehigh]
The Passaic-class monitor Lehigh tied up along the
James River; note light fieldpieces on the deck

[USS Milwaukee]
The twin-turret Eads-built Milwaukee in Mobile Bay in 1865.
Chickasaw, Winnebago, and Kickapoo were identical to her.

[USS Monitor]
The deck of the original Monitor herself-- note
the dents in the turret from the Virginia's shots

[USS Mound City]
The City class gunboat Mound City, bearing a modified
"civilian" pilothouse on top of her armored pilothouse

[USS Nahant]
The monitor Nahant with a schooner alongside

[USS Onondaga]
The "iron elephant," the Onondaga, on the James River

[USS Neosho]
The sternwheeler riverine monitor Osage. This photo
is sometimes identified as her sister ship Neosho.

[USS Ozark]
The riverine monitor Ozark was designed to carry
an experimental underwater gun that was never mounted.

[USS St. Louis]
Typical of the "City Class," the St. Louis helped
spearhead the Union drive down the Mississippi

[CSS Stonewall]
The French-built Confederate ironclad Stonewall didn't
make it across the Atlantic before Lee surrendered

[USS (ex-CSS) Tennessee]
The formidable Southern ironclad Tennessee, seen in
later days as a Union flagship on the Mississippi

[USS Tuscumbia]
The riverine ironclad Tuscumbia, after some hard service

[HMS Wivern]
The HMS Wivern; built by Laird at Birkenhead near Liverpool, England
by contract of Commander James D. Bulloch, she would have been the CSS
Mississippi had she been successfully delivered to the Confederacy.

[USS Wyandotte]
The monitor Wyandotte, formerly the Tippecanoe,
seen in commission in 1898

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