Ironclad Photo Gallery I: Personnel

[Franklin Buchanan] [William Barker Cushing]
Franklin Buchanan, fearless commander of both the Virginia ("Merrimack") and the Tennessee The daring William Barker Cushing, destroyer of the Albemarle
[John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren] [James Buchanan Eads]
John A. Dahlgren, Union naval artillery expert and commander of the fleet off Charleston James B. Eads, self-made millionaire and builder of most of the Union riverine ironclads
[John Ericsson] [David Glasgow Farragut]
John Ericsson, eccentric Swedish inventor, the creator of the Monitor among many other things David G. Farragut, foster brother of the Porters and hell-bent-for-leather victor at New Orleans and Mobile
[Andrew Hull Foote] [William R. Hoel]
Andrew H. Foote, stern champion of temperance and the drive behind the organization of the river fleet William R. Hoel, first a river pilot, then a volunteer officer on the rivers. He became skipper of the Pittsburg and one of the highest ranking volunteer officers of the war.
[Catesby ap Roger Jones] [Samuel Phillips Lee]
Catesby Jones, commander of the Virginia during the epic battle with the Monitor Union Admiral S. Phillips Lee, third cousin to the famous Confederate general, commander of the Wilmington blockade and then the Mississippi Squadron
[John Newland Maffitt] [Stephen Russell Mallory]
John Newland Maffitt captained blockade runners and the Albemarle, but he's best known for the cruise of the Florida Stephen R. Mallory, CSA Secretary of the Navy, innovator in introducing ironclads into warfare
[David Dixon Porter] [William David Porter]
David D. "Black Dave" Porter, fiery, controversial commander at Vicksburg and Fort Fisher William D. "Dirty Bill" Porter, brother of David, ruthless skipper of the Essex and ironclad designer
[Joseph H. Price] [John Rodgers]
Joseph H. Price, third and last commander of the ill-fated Southern ironclad Neuse (Thanks to Wayne Price, his great-great-grandnephew, for the photo) John Rodgers, skipper of the Galena, Weehawken, and Dictator, the most experienced ironclad commander
[Raphael Semmes] [John Randolph Tucker]
Raphael Semmes, Confederate cruiser captain and later Rear Admiral in charge of James River ironclads John Randolph "Handsome Jack" Tucker commanded CSS Chicora at Charleston; after the war he served in the Peruvian Navy
[Henry Walke] [Gideon Welles]
Henry Walke, Unionist Virginian and sketch artist, daring commander of the Carondelet and Lafayette "Uncle" Gideon Welles, United States naval secretary from 1861 through 1869, reformer and administrator
[John Ancrum Winslow] [John Lorimer Worden]
John A. Winslow commanded the Benton and St. Louis on the Mississippi before making his name by sinking CSS Alabama off Cherbourg, France while in command of USS Kearsarge John L. Worden, skipper of the Monitor during her famous fight with the Virginia; later, he commanded the Montauk at Charleston

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