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Ironclads and Blockade Runners

Of the American Civil War

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[USS Essex]
USS Essex near Baton Rouge, 1863

[USS (ex-CSS) Atlanta]
USS Atlanta (ex-CSS Atlanta) on the James River, 1864

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The combat of the Merrimac and the Monitor made the greatest change in sea-fighting since cannon fired by gunpowder had been mounted on ships...
óWinston Churchill, History of the English-Speaking Peoples
For the navies, the American Civil War began on 12 April 1861 when Fort Sumter was fired upon, and it ended on 23 June 1865 with the official raising of the blockade. However, the first shots of the war were really those fired at the steamer Star of the West as she approached Charleston Harbor on 9 January 1861; and the cruiser CSS Shenandoah did not finally haul down her flag until 7 November 1865.

In between these dates occurred more naval actions than in the rest of the world combined in the period between 1815 and 1914. Usually thought of as a land war, the American Civil War was also by far the largest naval war of the era. Action occurred in the English Channel, in the Indian Ocean, and the Bering Sea, as well as along the Southern and Northern coasts and up the rivers. Some hardly qualified as skirmishes; some were wholesale battles with major strategic consequences.

At the junction of naval warfare and industrial technology were two very special types of ship, the likes of which had hardly ever been seen before in the world. The ironclads were the advent of the modern armored, self-propelled warship, and the blockade runners took wholesale smuggling to new technological heights. Under the immense pressure of war, technology advanced at a breakneck pace. These pages are dedicated to these fascinating ships, their designers, and the valiant crews of both sides who sailed and fought them.

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[Robert E. Lee]
USS Fort Donelson, formerly the blockade runner Robert E. Lee
The fate of an unsuccessful blockade runner
(This might have been the Colt)


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