Well, I started out drawing at a very young age. Usually the comic book and cartoons were the most fun.

I started out at Michigan State University studying to be an engineer. After 3 years, I transferred to a little art college in Detroit Michigan, College for Creative Studies. After another 3-year stay I graduated with a BFA and went to work as a product Designer in Ohio, Fitch/Richardson Smith. After a few years I went into the automotive field where I have been every since. We do tons and tons of visual work drawing, model making, and much more. If interested you can check out Wacom digital tools to see how we work. They highlight my old company and a few of the guys.


I have a new baby boy, Ethan; and an even newer baby girl Natalie this web site is dedicated to them and my interest in maintaining fun and creativity in myself. So...I hope any and all enjoy my work and send me any constructive feedback. Thanks

John Bleau