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Steve Barkan Audio Interview


James Williams Audio Interview



Hihi.... Unbelieveably, here I am, using the same INDEX.HTML from 1995 once again! Welcome to the site once known as ROCK 'N ROLL BASEBALL! I'm bringing it all back to you guys, as I always had - all of my Strat-O-Matic Baseball formulae, files, and commentary! This is all new for 2012 - I will be loading my spreadsheets and SOM Formulae here, as well as posting my observations for this new 2011 SOM Baseball set here. I really do want to make this your #1 Strat-O-Matic website!!!!!!!! So, here is what I have cooking for this place right now.........

The FORMULAS download is the Bundy, which holds all the old 1992-1995 Strat-Fan "Let's Formulate It!" articles and spreadsheets. It is a complete lesson in how to make SOM baseball cards. Please read this material before asking card-making questions, as many questions get answered here.

The SPREADSHEETS download is my actual XLS file that I use to create my cards. NONE of the formulae are HIDDEN!!!!!!!! - they are there for you to learn, edit, manipulate, IMPROVE UPON! The one there presently is in it's initial stage, and has the initial 2012 BASIC HITTERS CARDS numerically thru several on the initial phases - it is useable! When I complete this file, it will have all the numeric results to recreate virtually all aspects of the SOM Baseball set - BASIC & ADVANCED!!!!!

The James Williams Audio Interview download I made last year (2010) with the retiring SOM genius James Williams. It is insightful, and a must-hear for all die-hard SOMers!

The "THINGS YOUR BEST FRIEND WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT STRAT-O-MATIC BASEBALL!" download is a BLOG project I kinda started last year, and I plan to pick up the ball on. I think there is a myrad of information not accessable to the SOM Community. It's time to change some of that! I hope you enjoy - I am camera-shy!

A STEVE BARKAN INTERVIEW is also to be expected of me! So much is happening at SOM these days! I think I am ready to begin showing how to make cards again - a very fascinating trip! Hope you guys like! I am just revisiting this, and the website is brand new. If this site gets interesting and exciting enuff, I will expand into the other sports as well!!!! I will be posting alotta stuff here I think....

I am falling deeper and deeper into NETPLAY. I am currectly in 4 NETPLAY leagues, and I am presently in a NETPLAY TOURNAMENT for cash! This is an exciting time - I think NETPLAY is the future for SOM Baseball - and I want to post alot about NETPLAY here! I want to make this a must-site for NETPLAYERS! More to come!!

By the way, if you love Strat, and you are looking for a Strat-O-Matic project, and don't know who to talk to or where to go - look no more. Get in touch with our great friend Len Durrant. There's a good chance he can fill your Strat plate right up! Boy, there should have been a list of all the SOM projects that this fine SOM Community has brought to this hobby! It would be so impressive!

At last, SOM is a DOWNLOADABLE game! Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition! Too long maybe, but here at last!!!!

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Anything below THIS POINT is vintage 1997 website stuff - nothing should work, for now! It's been awhile sinse I've written in HTML - heh!

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Hit Counter Oks, so's ya want to see's the goods... well.. try clicking on SOM batters , or SOM pitchers to get zipfiles containing the EXCEL spreadsheets up to

9/28/97...(you should see them now!!!)...

Now for the "Let's Formulate It" articles..... I should probably not gust give them away, but I always have shared what I can to stimulate conversation and the growth of our beloved hobby. We've talked about this for years now actually.
The SOM "Let's Formulate It!" Articles...
"Formit01" - January 1992 issue= Batters' Walk formulae, Chance Chart
"Formit02" - Febuary 1992 issue= Batters' HBP, HIT, D, T, & HR formulae, Chance & Subchance Chart
"Formit03" - March 1992 issue= Explanation of Batters' Card Patterns
"Formit04" - April 1992 issue= Plotting Batters' Card's Chances, Ripken Card, Hit Priority Chart, Batters' Card Patterns 1992
"Formit07" - July 1992 issue= 3 Formulae to Determine Error
"Formit08" - August 1992 issue= Review, All Batters' Formulae to Date
"Formit09" - September 1992 issue= Making Sense of Formulas, Linear Equations
"Formit10" - October 1992 issue= Prognosticating Pitching, Pitchers' TBF & Walk Formulae
"Formit11" - November 1992 issue= Pitcher's Hit Formulae, X-Chart Values & 1991 Team X-Chart Value Chart
"Formit12" - December 1992 issue= Pitchers' Double, Triple, HR Formulae
"Formit10x" - October 1992 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit11x" - November 1992 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit12x" - December 1992 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit12x.wk1" - December 1992 issue, pre-editor's speadsheet
"Formit13x" - (January was Card Ratings, no article) Febuary 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit14x" - March 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit15x" - April 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit16x" - May 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit17x" - June 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy
"Formit18x.wk1" - July 1993 issue, pre-editor's speadsheet
"Formit18x" - July 1993 issue, pre-editor's copy

In the meantime, you'll be experiencing here the continual saga of my HTML learning curve, from the innermost mind to the OUTER LIMITS....NOW FEATURING......


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