Drafted 11/5/04
Last Edited - 5/13/06 12:15 PM

The GSJE database is the most comprehensive slow jam-specific database ever created.
This is every artist and song we considered for this project.
If we missed one, let us know so we can make the database even more comprehensive!

# A - E      F-K      L-R     S -Z


Red - Doesn't qualify (either isn't a slow jam - or, in the case of an artist, doesn't have any slow jams - or comes before 1960).


           a. Can I Speak To You Before You Go To Hollywood?
           b. Isn't It A Shame
           c. It Took a Long Time
           d. Nightbird
           e. You Turn Me On
           f. The Bells (w. Laura Nyro)
           a. Say Yes
           b. I Want To Hold Your Hand
           c. Real Love
           d. Given In To Love
           e. I Need You
           f. Bullseye
           g. I Can't Get You Out of My Head
Lalah Hathaway
           a. I'm Coming Back
           b. Baby Don't Cry
Larry Graham/Graham Central Station
           a. One In A Million
           b. Just Be My Lady
           c. When We Get Married
           d. Your Love
           a. Let's Straighten It Out
Laura Lee
           a. Separation Line
Lauryn Hill
           a. Ex-Factor
           b. Nothing Even Matters
           c. Cant Take My Eyes Off You
           d. Sweetest Thing
           e. Tell Me
           a. Infatuation
           b. Can't Let Go
           c. Today
Lenny Kravitz
           a. Heaven Help the Heart
           b. More Than Anything In This World
Lenny Williams
           a. Cause I Love You
           b. Just When We Start Makin' It
           c. I've Been Away From Love Too Long
           d. Let's Talk It Over
Leroy Hutson
           a. So In Love
           b. It's Different
           a. All Season
           b. Baby I'm Ready
           c. I've Been Waiting
           d. (Pop Pop Pop Pop) Goes My Mind
           e. Do It Right Here
           f. Sorry Is
           g. You Keep Me Coming
           h. Like Water
           i. Playground
           j. I'll Get It Done
           k. My Forever Love
Lillo Thomas
           a. I Wanna Make Love
Lionel Ritchie
           a. Truly
           b. Say You, Say Me
           c. Hello
           d. Penny Lover
           e. Just To Be Close To You
           f. Stuck On You
Lisa Fisher
           a. How Can I Ease The Pain
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
           a. All Cried Out
           b. Kiss Your Tears Away
Little Anthony & The Imperials
           a. Hurt So Bad
           b. Goin' Out of My Head
           a. Don't You Know By Now
Loose Ends
           a. Slow Down
           b. Symptoms of Love
           c. You Can't Stop The Rain
Lou Rawls
           a. Your Good Thing (Is About To End)
           b. Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
           c. You've Made Me So Very Happy
Love Unlimited (Orchestra)
           a. Love Theme
           b. Satin Soul

           a. My Body
           a. April Love
           b. Love Ballad
           c. Shine On
           d. Stranger
           e. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love
           f. Where Did We Go Wrong?
           g. (Won't Cha) Stay With Me
           h. Share My Love
           i. Make Someone Smile, Today!
           j. Lady Love
Lucy Pearl
           a. Good Love
Luther Ingram
           a. If Loving You Is Wrong
Luther Vandross
           a. A House Is Not A Home
           b. Superstar
           c. Here and Now
           d. Any Love
           e. If This World Were Mine
           f. Going In Circles
           g. Love Wont Let Me Wait
           h. So Amazing
           i. Anyone Who Had A Heart
           j. Since I Lost My Baby
           k. If Only For One Night
           l. Creepin'
           m. Loneliness Is The Other Side of the World
           n. There's Nothing Better Than Love (f. Gregory Hines)
           o. Can Heaven Wait One Night
           p. Dance With My Father
           q. Your Secret Love
Mac Band
           a. Roses Are Red
Macy Gray
           a. I Try
           b. Still
           c. Sweet Baby
           d. Boo
Madame X
           a. Cherries in the Snow
Main Ingredient
           a. You've Been My Inspiration
           b. Where Were You When I Needed You
           c. Something Bout Love
           d. I'm So Proud
           e. Spinning Around (I must be falling in love)
           f. It's so sweet (loving you)
           g. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
           a. Kiss and Say Goodbye
           b. Shining Star
           c. It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
           d. Let's Start All Over Again
           e. It's Not The Same
           f. Girl of My Dreams
           g. Cloudy, With A Chance of Tears
           h. The Closer You Are
           i. If My Heart Could Speak
           j. One Life To Live
           k. It Couldn't Hurt
           l. Tired of the Single Life
           m. I'll Never Run Away From Love Again
           n. Wish That You Were Mine
           o. Just One Moment Away
           p. A Million To One
           q. Am I Losing You
           r. The Way We Were / Memories
           s. You're My Life
Marcus Miller
           a. Rush Over (w. Meshell NdegeOcello)
Mariah Carey
           a. Can't Let Go
           b. Vision Of Love
           c. I Don't Wanna Cry
           d. Alone In Love
           e. Love Takes Time
           f. Through The Rain
           g. My All
           h. 4th of July
           i. Forever
           j. Butterfly
           k. One Sweet Day (f. Boyz II Men)
           l. Whenever You Call
           m. I Still Believe
           n. Thank God I Found You
Marvin Gaye
           a. Sexual Healing
           b. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
           c. You're All I Need To Get By
           d. I Want You
           e. Let's Get It On
           f. Here, my Little Dear
           g. I Met A Little Girl
           h. Is That Enough
           i. Everybody Needs Love
           j. Sparrow
           k. You Sure Love To Ball
           l. Distant Lover
           m. Sad Tomorrows
           n. Just To Keep You Satisfied
Mary J. Blige
           a. Not Gon' Cry
           b. I Can Love You
           c. Never Want To Live Without You
           d. Share My World
           e. Seven Days
           f. It's On
           g. Missing You
           h. Our Love
           i. Sweet Thing
           j. I Don't Want To Do Anything
           k. Slow Down
           l. Intimate Relationship (A.M.)
           m. Never Been
Mary Jane Girls
           a. All Night Long
           b. You Are My Heaven
           c. On The Inside
           d. Shadow Lover
           a. (Call Me) The Traveling Man
Mass Production
           a. Galaxy
           b. Just a Song
Maurice White
           a. I Need You
           a. Lifetime
           b. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
           c. Sumthin, Sumthin
           d. Fortunate
           a. Sexy
           b. More Than You Know
           c. Alone At Last
           d. Raindrops
           e. Goodbye
           a. I Guess It's All Over
Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
           a. Family
           b. Golden Time of Day
           c. Happy Feelin
           d. Never Let You Down
           e. Reason
Melba Moore
           a. Falling
Meli'sa Morgan
           a. Do You Still Love Me
Melvin Riley
           a. If You Don't Tell I Won't Tell
           b. I'm All In
           c. Love's Gonna Get Cha
           d. Servin' It
           e. Spoil You
           f. Tabs On Ya
           g. What Makes a Man (Wanna Cheat On His Woman)
           h. Whose Is It
Men At Large
           a. So Alone
Men of Vizion
           a. House Keeper
Meshell NdegeOcello
           a. Andromeda & The Milky way
           b. Beautiful
           c. Bitter
           d. Come Smoke My Herb
           e. Dred Loc
           f. Earth
           g. Faithful
           h. Fool Of Me
           i. Grace
           j. Jabril
           k. Let Me Have You
           l. Liliquoi Moon
           m. Love Song #1
           n. Love Song #2
           o. Love Song #3
           p. Loyalty
           q. Mary Magdalene
           r. May This Be Love
           s. Outside Your Door
           t. Priorities 1-6
           u. Rush Over
           v. Sincerity
           w. Soul Searchin' (I Wanna Know If It's Mine)
           x. Stay
           y. Sweet Love
           z. The Teaching
           aa. Tear and a Smile
           bb. Thankful
           cc. Trust
           dd. Wasted Time
Michael Cooper
           a. Dinner For Two
Michael Jackson
           a. Ben
           b. Butterflies

           c. Got To Be There
           d. Heaven Can Wait
           e. Human Nature
           f. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
           g. Liberian Girl
           h. Man In The Mirror

           i. Lady In My Life
           j. You Are Not Alone
           k. She's Out Of My Life
Michael McDonald
           a. I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)
           b. Hey Girl
           c. On My Own
           d. Yah Mo B There
           a. Something In My Heart
           b. If
Mico Wave
           a. Instant Replay
Midnight Star
           a. Curious
           b. Love Song
           c. Slow Jam
Miki Howard
           a. Baby Be Mine
           b. Come Share My Love
           c. Imagination
           d. Love Under New Management
           e. That's What Love Is
           f. You've Changed
           g. Crazy
           h. I Wanna Be There
           i. Reasons
Miles Jaye
           a. Lazy Love
           b. I've Been A Fool For You
           c. I Cry For You
           a. I Care 'Bout You
Millie Jackson
           a. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
Minnie Riperton
           a. Inside My Love
           b. Light My Fire
           c. Lovin You
           d. Back Down Memory Lane
Mint Condition
           a. 10 Million Strong
           b. Always
           c. Back To Your Lovin'
           d. Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)
           e. Forever In Your Eyes
           f. I Want It Again
           g. If You Love Me
           h. Is This Pain Our Pleasure
           i. Just The Man For You
           j. On and On
           k. So Fine
           l. Someone To Love
           m. The Never That You'll Never Know
           n. This Day, This Minute, Right Now
           o. U Send me Swinging
           p. What Kind of Man Would I Be
           q. You Don't Have to Hurt no More
           a. Tracks of My Tears
Mittie Collier
           a. I Had a Talk With My Man
           a. Sexy Mama
           a. Why I Love You So Much
           b. Before You Walk Out Of My Life
           c. For You I Will
           d. So Gone
           e. U Should've Known Better
           f. Breaks My Heart
           g. Hurts The Most
           h. That's My Man
           i. Slow Jam (f. Usher)
           a. Everything You Do
           b. Free Again
           c. Hard To Say Goodbye
           d. I Can Tell
           e. I Miss You (Come Back Home)
           f. I'm Loving You
           g. It's Alright
           h. Lay With You
           i. Nana (f. Chico DeBarge)
           j. Peaches & Cream
           k. Suga Suga
           l. You
           m. You Don't Have To Love Me
           n. You Should Have Told Me
           o. You've Got My Heart
Montell Jordan
           a. I'll Do Anything
           b. Let's Ride
           c. Don't Keep Me Waiting
           d. Can I
           e. Lets Cuddle Up
           f. One Last Time (Break Up Sex)
           g. Do You
           h. Come Home
Morris Day
           a. A Man's Pride
           b. Love Is A Game
Mother's Finest
           a. Thank You For The Love
           a. Juicy Fruit
           b. You, Me and He
Musiq (a.k.a. Musiq Soulchild)
           a. Love
           b. whoknows
           c. babymother
           d. thereason
           e. her
           f. don'tchange
           g. Half Crazy
           a. Anatomy 10N1
           b. My Love Is Like…Wo
           c. Take a Picture
           d. Why You Gotta Look So Good?

           e. You
           f. My First Night With You
           g. If You Were Mine
           h. Movin On
           a. Destiny
           a. I Miss You
Natalie Cole
           a. I've Got Love On My Mind
           b. Inseparable
           c. Our Love
           d. Snowfall on the Sahara
Natural Four
           a. Can This Be Real?
N'dea Davenport
           a. Save Your Love For Me
           b. Placement for the Baby
New Birth
           a. Wildflower
           b. It's Been a Long Time
           c. Patiently
           d. Never Can Say Goodbye
New Edition
           a. Can You Stand The Rain
           b. Earth Angel
           c. Still In Love
           d. How Do You Like Your Love Served
           e. Try Again
           f. I'm Still In Love With You
           g. Home Again
           h. Is This The End
New Kids on the Block
           a. Please Don't Go
           a. Butta Love
Nights, The
           a. Country Girl (You're My Everything)
Nina Simone
           a. I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Norman Connors
           a. Betcha By Golly Wow (f. Phyllis Hyman)
           b. You Are My Starship
           a. Gone
Nuttin Nyce
           a. En Tu Deep (Sticky Situation)
           b. Don't Make Me Wanna Do U
           c. Show Me
           d. Proof Is In the Pudding
           a. You and I
           b. Lady I Love You
           c. Still Water (Love)
           d. Together Always
           a. Inside Out
Ohio Players
           a. Honey
           b. Sweet Sticky Thing
           c. Alone
           d. Fire
           e. Skin Tight

           f. I Want To Be Free
           g. Together
           h. It's All Over
           i. Let's Love
           j. Heaven Must Be Like This
           k. Piano Ballad (Just Right)
           l. Only A Child
           m. Angel
           n. Good Luck Charm
           o. More Than Love
O' Jays
           a. Cry Together
           b. Desire Me
           c. Emotionally Yours
           d. Forever Mine
           e. Let Me Make Love To You
           f. Lovin You
           g. Stairway To Heaven
           h. What Am I Waiting For
           i. Listen To The Clock On The Wall
           j. Sunshine
           k. Who Am I
           l. Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind Is On The Other Side of Town)
           m. I Just Want To Satisfy
           n. One on One
           o. Your True Heart
Ol' Skool
           a. Am I Dreaming
           b. Come with Me
           c. Slip Away
           d. Im Still Here For You
           e. Just Between You and Me
           f. Without You
Oleta Adams
           a. Get Here
Oliver Cheatham
One Way
           a. Something in the Past
           b. Lady You Are
           a. Baby I'm For Real
Otis Redding
           a. These Arms Of Mine
           b. I've Been Loving You Too Long
           c. Try A Little Tenderness
           a. Prototype
           a. Over and Over
           b. Send It
Patrice Rushen
           a. Forget Me Nots
           b. Remind Me
Patti Austin
           a. Baby, Come To Me
           b. Broken Dreams
           c. How Can I Be Sure
           d. Hurry Home
           e. I Don't know Whether To Laugh or Cry
           f. I Just Can't Let Go
           g. In My Dream
           h. In My Life
           i. Nobody To Dance With
           j. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
           k. Somebody Make Me Laugh
           l. Stars In Your Eyes
           m. Stop, Look Listen
           n. That's Enough For Me
           o. The Girl Who Used To Be Me
           p. The Island
           q. Through the Test of Time
Patti Labelle
           a. If Only You Knew
           b. Love, Need and Want You
           c. If You Don't Know Me By Now
           d. I Don't Go Shopping
           e. Love and Learn
           f. Come What May
           g. You Are My Friend
           h. Do I Stand A Chance
           i. Little Girls
           j. Quiet Time
           k. Find The Love
           l. Love Has Finally Come
Paul Laurence
           a. Cut the Crap
Peabo Bryson
           a. Can You Stop The Rain
           b. Feel The Fire
           c. I'm So Into You
           d. Let The Feeling Flow
           e. Toniqht, I Celebrate My Love
Peaches and Herb
           a. Reunited
           a. Always (f. Cherrelle)
           b. Love Makes Things Happen
           c. Why Do I Believe
Percy Sledge
           a. When A Man Loves A Woman
           b. Take Time To Know Her
Perfect Gentlemen
           a. Love Me Just For Me
           a. Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)
Phil Perry
           a. (A Postcard In) Winter
           b. Closer To Heaven
           c. Keep Me In The Dark Tonight
           d. She's Over Me
           e. To Fall In Love
           f. You're As Right As Rain
           g. Call Me
Philip Bailey
           a. Dream Like I Do
           b. Make It With You
           c. Sail Away
           d. Something To Remind You
           e. Strength To Love You
Phyllis Hyman
           a. Can't We Fall In Love Again
           b. Here's That Rainy Day
           c. I Don't Want To Lose You
           d. I Refuse To Be Lonely
           e. Just Another Face In The Crowd
           f. Land Of Confusion
           g. Living All Alone
           h. Meet Me On The Moon
           i. Old Friend
           j. Somewhere In My Lifetime
           k. The Love Too Good To Last
           l. You Just Don't Know
Pieces of a Dream
           a. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
           b. Twilight Time
           c. (You've Got ) The Magic Touch
           d. Heaven On Earth
           e. Enchanted
           f. Only Because
           g. My Serenade
           h. Only You
           a. Don't Go Away
Pointer Sisters
           a. Slow Hand
           a. All That Matters
           b. Hold Me Close
           c. Much Too Much
           d. Lay You Down
           e. How Deep Is Your Love
           f. On and On
           g. Precious Moments
           h. Day By Day
           i. Your Forever
           a. Adore
           b. Another Lonely Christmas
           c. Arms of Orion
           d. Baby
           e. Betcha By Golly Wow
           f. Blue Light
           g. Call My Name
           h. Condition of the Heart
           i. Crazy You
           j. Damn U
           k. Diamonds and Pearls
           l. Do Me, Baby
           m. God
           n. God (instrumental)
           o. Goodbye
           p. How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore
           q. I Hate You
           r. I Love U In Me
           s. I Love U, But I Don't Trust U Anymore
           t. Insatiable
           u. International Lover
           v. It's Gonna Be a Lonely Night
           w. Joy in Repetition
           x. Man O' War
           y. Mellow
           z. Muse 2 The Pharaoh
           aa. Nothing Compares 2 U
           bb. Old Friends 4 Sale
           cc. On the Couch
           dd. Power Fantastic
           ee. Purple Rain
           ff. Scandalous
           gg. She Loves Me For Me
           hh. Shhh
           ii. Slow Love
           jj. So Blue
           kk. Still Would Stand All Time
           ll. The Beautiful Ones
           mm. The One
           nn. The Question of U
           oo. Under the Cherry Moon
           pp. Venus De Milo
           qq. When 2 R In Love
           rr. When We're Dancing Close and Slow
           ss. With You
           tt. Let's Have a Baby
           uu. Extraordinary
           vv. Crucial
           ww. U Make My Sun Shine (w/ Angie Stone)
           xx. Until U're In My Arms Again
Puff Johnson
           a. Forever More
Quincy Jones
           a. You've Got It Bad Girl
           b. Body Heat
           c. Everything Must Change
           d. Heaven's Girl
           e. I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning
           f. If I Ever Lose This Heaven
           g. If This Is The Last Time
           h. Is it Love That We're Missing
           i. Just Once
           j. Love Dance
           k. Moody's Mood For Love
           l. One Hundred Ways
           m. Secret Garden
           n. Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song)
           o. Slow Jams
           p. You Put A Move On My Heart
R. Kelly
           a. 12 Play
           b. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
           c. Bump n Grind
           d. Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)
           e. Forever
           f. Forever More
           g. Heart of a Woman
           h. Honey Love
           i. I Cant Sleep Baby (If I)
           j. I'll Never Leave
           k. Ignition
           l. Imagine That
           m. It Seems Like You're Ready
           n. Religious Love
           o. Sex Me (Pt. 1 & 2)
           p. Step In My Room
           q. You Made Me Love You
           r. You Remind Me Of Something
           s. Your Body's Calling
           t. Tempo Slow
           u. Slow Jam
Rachelle Ferrell
           a. Gaia
Raheem DeVaughn
           a. Breathe
           b. You
           c. Ask Yourself
           d. Believe
           e. Catch 22
Rahsaan Patterson
           a. Do You Feel The Way I Do
           b. It's Alright Now
           c. Spend the Night
           d. Can We Wait A Minute
           e. I Don't Want To Lose It
           f. Come Over
           g. Stay Awhile
           h. One More Night

           i. Treat You Like A Queen
Ralph Tresvant
           a. Do What I Gotta Do
           b. Sensitivity
Randy Crawford
           a. Knockin On Heaven's Door
           b. Who's Crying Now
Ray Charles
           a. Funny But I Still Love You
           b. Come Back Baby
           c. A Fool For You
           d. What Would I Do Without You
           e. Drown In My Own Tears
Ray, Goodman and Brown
           a. A Part of You
           b. After All
           c. Heaven in the Rain
           d. How Can Love So Right Be So Wrong
           e. Inside of You
           f. Midnight Lady
           g. My Prayer
           h. Special Lady
           i. Stay
           j. Taking Chances
           k. The Way It Should Be
Ray Parker, Jr.
           a. A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)
           a. Be Alone Tonight
Ready for the World
           a. Deep Inside Your Love
           b. Don't You Wanna With Me
           c. Gently
           d. In My Room
           e. Late Saturday Night
           f. Love You Down
           g. P.B.S.L.
           h. Tonight
           i. Slide Over
Real To Reel
           a. Can You Treat Me Like She Does
Rebbie Jackson
           a. Centipede
Regina Belle
           a. Baby Come To Me
           b. This Is Love
           c. If I Could
           d. Lazy Afternoon
           e. Fly Me To The Moon
           f. If I Ruled the World
           g. Corcovado
           h. Why Do People Fall In Love
           i. For The Love Of You
           j. If I Should Lose You
           k. The Man I Love
Remy Shand
           a. I Met Your Mercy
           b. Burning Bridges
           c. Everlasting
           d. Rocksteady
           e. The Colour of Day

Rene & Angela
           a. My First Love
           b. You Don't Have To Cry
           c. Your Smile
Rhian Benson
Rick James
           a. Dream Maker
           b. Ebony Eyes
           c. Fire & Desire
           d. Happy
           e. Slow Dancin'
           f. Starship
           g. Teardrops
           h. When Love Is Gone
RJ's Latest Arrival
           a. Hold On
           b. Heaven In Your Arms
Robert Brookins
           a. Where Is The Love
Robert Winters
           a. Magic Man
Roberta Flack
           a. The Closer I Get To You (f. Donny Hathaway)
           b. Killing Me Softly With His Song
           c. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
           d. Jesse
Rockie Robbins
           a. You and Me
Roger Troutman
           a. I Want To Be Your Man
Rose Royce
           a. Golden Touch
           b. I'm Goin' Down
           c. Wishing On A Star
           d. Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Rosie Gaines
           b. Ooh La La
           c. Turn Your Lights Down Low
           d. I Almost Lost You
Ruben Studdard
           a. I'm Sorry 2004
Rude Boys
           a. Are You Lonely For Me
           b. Written All Over Your Face
Ruff Endz
           a. I Apologize
           b. I'm Not Sayin' That, I'm Feeling That
           c. If I Was The One
           d. Love Crimes
           e. Missing You
           f. Phone Sex
           g. Saying I Love You
           h. Shout Out
           i. The World To Me
           j. Where Does Love Go From Here
Rufus (f. Chaka Khan)
           a. Better Days
           b. Close the Door
           c. Everlasting Love
           d. Hollywood
           e. In Love We Grow
           f. Little Boy Blue
           g. Please Pardon Me (You Remind Me of a Friend)
           h. Quandry
           i. Slow Screw (Against the Wall)
           j. Stay
           k. Stop On By
           l. Sweet Thing