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How-To: Download maps
To your GPS unit.

You will need special software to download the
image maps to your GPS. You can use MapSource,
but that requires some manipulation of the
system registry. I suggest using a Shareware software
program called  "SendMap".

Go to the "Download" section of this link and find the
free Sendmap download icon.

Read the installation instructions at the SendMap link
site. Once you setup the program icon on your computer,
all you have to do is drag & drop the image files from
Windows Explorer to the icon.

Note that the image maps and the download program was
designed to work with Garmin GPS mapping units,
such as 76S, Legend, Venture HC, Vista, and the Alan Map 500.
For Garmin Nuvi series, see this page for instructions/limitations: Nuvi

If your GPS unit uses SD cards, you'll need a program called  "IMG2GPS" to load the maps.
Load all the map image files that you want into the IMG2GPS program and create
a file called "GMAPSUPP.IMG". Save this file to the SD card in a folder called "GARMIN".

Once the maps are loaded into the GPS, they have to be activated in a
setup page. The procedure is slightly different with each GPS model.

Image files created with this web tool and MapEdit need a modification to the "Draw Priority" setting.
This allows the map to be displayed on top of the Garmin maps. To change this setting,
you'll need a program called  "GmapTool". Start GmapTool, click "add files",
select your golf map file, click "Write" tab, check box for "Set Draw Priority" and enter 31,
click "Write All", and your map is modified.

GmapTool can also be used to join several golf maps into one gmapsupp.img file.
Click "add files", select all your golf map files, click "Join" tab,
point to a destination directory for the output file and add "gmapsupp.img"
for the filename. Type in a mapset name like "Golf Maps" and click "Join All".