Invited Lectures

"Gesture -- or 1000 ways of saying nothing", Program in History of Science, Stanford; Loyola Marymount University. Spring 1999

"Becoming Beside Oneself", Center for Modernism, U. Texas, Austin; Deleuze-Guattari Conference, University of Warwick, UK; Program in Science, Technology, and Society, MIT, Summer-Fall 1997

"Paradise Lust", Society for Science and Literature annual meeting, Atlanta, November 1996

"Going Parallel" Program in History of Science, Stanford University, Department of Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, May 1996.

Plenary address, Science and Literature Society,
"Exuberant Materiality - De-Minding the Store", Boston 1993.

Invited speaker, one day conference on Post-classical Mathematics and Theory, "Mathematical Writing, Thinking and Virtual Reality", Duke University, 1993.

Series of four lectures sponsored by Writing Program and Program in Science, Technology and Society at MIT, "The Rise and Fall of Infinity", MIT, 1993.

"Circa 2000: Baudrillard's future",
Duke University, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric Department, 1992.

"The Technology of Mathematical Persuasion",
Verbund fur Wissenschaftgeschichte, Berlin, 1991.

"Hermeneutics, Semiotics and the Mathematical Infinite",
Brown, Tufts, Western Ontario, Minnesota, New Mexico, UC Berkeley, 1990.

"Zero and the History of Western Art",
La Brera Academy of Art, Milan, 1989.

University of Bologna, 1989

"Derrida and the Eurodollar",
Johns Hopkins University, Humanities Department, 1987.

"Numbers, Counting, Signs",
Boston University, Department of Mathematics, 1987.